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  • Mad Professor Amber Overdrive

    Mad Professor Amber Overdrive

    The Mad Professor Amber Overdrive is a hand-wired gem that brings thick, thunderous overdrive with a hint of fuzz to even the cleanest amp.
  • Line 6 M5 Stompbox Modeler

    Line 6 M5 Stompbox Modeler

    The Line 6 M5 Stompbox Modeler allows access to over 100 popular effects in one small package. With the Line 6 M5 Stompbox Modeler you have access to any of your favorite vintage or modern effects.
  • Keeley White Sands - Luxe Drive

    Keeley White Sands - Luxe Drive

    The White Sands Luxe Drive is a low-gainer's paradise. Much like the name implies, the Elysian tone that springs forth from this sandy beach is a touch gritty, but what grit exists is the purest, most transparent form.
  • Keeley Red Dirt Overdrive

    Keeley Red Dirt Overdrive

    The Keeley Red Dirt Overdrive pulls together all of master-modder Robert Keeley’s experience tweaking overdrive circuits to create one of the most versatile, dynamic overdrives on the market. Now instead of getting a pedal modded by Keeley, you can get the sound you want right out of the box.
  • Keeley Katana Blues Drive

    Keeley Katana Blues Drive

    Several players know that one key to a great drive sound is hitting the front end of a drive with a boost in order to generate saturation. For those of you that didn't know, Keeley has let the secret out with the Katana Blues Drive.
  • Keeley Electronics Red Dirt Overdrive Mini

    Keeley Electronics Red Dirt Overdrive Mini

    Keeley has packed all the goodness of the Red Dirt into a small enclosure and equipped it with four overdrive modes and tons of gain.
  • Keeley Electronics Recino Digital Delay

    Keeley Electronics Recino Digital Delay

    t was only a matter of time before Robert Keeley, mad tone scientist, got ahold of some ultra-high-fidelity signal processing equipment. And when he did, three effects were born almost immediately: the Aurora, Dynatrem and the Recino. This, the Recino, is a classic digital delay circu... read more
  • JHS Sweet Tea V2 Distortion/Overdrive

    JHS Sweet Tea V2 Distortion/Overdrive

    The JHS Sweet Tea is a dual overdrive/distortion that combines a modified TS-808 circuit with the outrageous "brown sound" of the JHS Angry Charlie. Stacked together, and with the V2 mod, the JHS Sweet Tea is capable of a huge range of overdrive/distortion tones.
  • JHS Superbolt

    JHS Superbolt

    The JHS Superbolt captures the extraordinary tone, character and drive of the classic 1960s-era Supro amps. 3 simple controls and a two-way toggle for Hi/Low gain give the JHS Superbolt an open, responsive sound.
  • JHS Prestige Buffer/Boost

    JHS Prestige Buffer/Boost

    The JHS Prestige is a magic, one-knob pedal. Dial the Boost control back for a perfect buffer, a quarter turn higher a tone-enhancing transparent boost, or go beyond the halfway point for transparent overdrive with increasing sustain as it approaches the maximum setting.
  • JHS Pedals Twin Twelve

    JHS Pedals Twin Twelve

    The Silvertone brand, originally sold by Sears in department stores, used to be a pawn shop special. The amps used to be so common in hawk shops, they may as well have been considered currency. At the center of the Venn diagram for cost, sound, reliability and portability lies the Twi... read more
  • JHS Pedals Morning Glory

    JHS Pedals Morning Glory

    The JHS Pedals Morning Glory is a discreet overdrive that can muster tones ranging from clean boost to all out rock. The Morning Glory prides itself on transparency, touch sensitivity, and versatility.
  • JHS Pedals Charlie Brown

    JHS Pedals Charlie Brown

    The JHS Charlie Brown channel drive provides all of the classic JTM tone without having to lug a 4x12 cabinet to the gig. The Charlie Brown has all of the warmth and robust character of this classic amplifier without any of the soreness after your load out. The versatility of this ped... read more
  • JHS Moonshine Overdrive

    JHS Moonshine Overdrive

    The JHS Pedals Moonshine overdrive has a very amp-like response and is designed to add something thicker and punchier to your rig. The Moonshine is also very dynamic and touch responsive because it is always running at 18volts
  • JHS Double Barrel V3 Dual Overdrive

    JHS Double Barrel V3 Dual Overdrive

    The JHS Double Barrel is a dual overdrive featuring the Morning Glory circuit and a modified TS-808 circuit. V3 adds a 3-way clipping toggle to the TS side allowing the JHS Double Barrel to deliver even more variety of tone than ever before.
  • JHS Colour Box

    JHS Colour Box

    JHS has gone to great lengths to bring the color and character of a real vintage console to your feet or desktop.
  • Jetter Red Square Overdrive

    Jetter Red Square Overdrive

    Combining two of the top Jetter pedals into one, the Jetter Red Square sheds a whole new light on pedal stacking and Jetter tone. Combining the Red Shift and the Helium the Jetter Red Square can go from light and dynamic to full on liquid with the touch of a switch.
  • Jetter GS124

    Jetter GS124

    The GS124 is an incredibly accurate recreation of a Dumble ODS amplifier, specifically #124. Unlike other amp in a box units this is a painstaking sonic replication of a particular Dumble amp.
  • Jetter Gold Standard

    Jetter Gold Standard

    The Jetter Gold Standard is a sonic mash up of an organic low gain overdrive with a harmonically rich high gain distortion. Both sides are built off the popular Gold Shift and Helium circuits; they can be used independently or stacked together to create a truly diverse tonal palette.
  • Jetter Gear Traindrive

    Jetter Gear Traindrive

    The Traindrive delivers a thick, rich overdrive, saturated in harmonics and dripping molten tone. It’s a bit of a high-gain beast, but the touch sensitivity is beyond compare. And what’s more, the pedal cleans up in a very pleasing way.
  • Jetter Gear Gold 45/100 Overdrive

    Jetter Gear Gold 45/100 Overdrive

    The Jetter Gold 45/100 is a foundation overdrive that gives your tube amp the sound of a vintage JTM 45/100. The stackable Jetter Gold 45/100 has simple Volume & Drive controls & a Lean/Rich knob for a clean boost or the crunch of an overdriven classic.
  • Jetter Gear Dharma Overdrive

    Jetter Gear Dharma Overdrive

    Jetter Gear’s Dharma Overdrive pedal is the result of Jetter’s work with Buck Dharma of BOC, who often stacks overdrive pedals to get his tone. The Dharma is a finely tuned two channel overdrive that maximizes your sonic versatility.
  • J. Rockett Audio Designs Tim Pierce Overdrive

    J. Rockett Audio Designs Tim Pierce Overdrive

    The Tim Pierce Signature OD/Boost was designed to emulate one of Tim's favorite amps, the Naylor SD60. This is a very smooth, warm, punchy drive made to really shine with with singing leads.
  • J. Rockett Audio Designs Mark Sampson Revolver

    J. Rockett Audio Designs Mark Sampson Revolver

    The Mark Sampson designed Revolver was created based off of a custom stereo amp that Mark designed. I sat and played that amp for hours just mesmerized at how magical the sound was.

Items 97 to 120 of 227 total

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