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  1. Greenhouse Effects Roadkiller Overdrive

    Greenhouse Effects’ Roadkiller Overdrive is designed with cascading FET gain stages to give you outstanding tone in any setup and on any occasion without coloring the sound of your guitar and amp. Learn More

  2. Greer Amps Lightspeed

    The feel of the Lightspeed is unparalleled and its sensitivity to pick attack is the best of the best. Learn More

  3. Greer Amps Hammer

    It's the rare pedal that promises both fuzz and distortion in one, and actually delivers. The Hammer is that pedal. Learn More

  4. Greer Amps Southland

    The aim of the Southland is to generate harmonics with a modified clipping structure to squeeze out every last drop of tone. Learn More

  5. Greer Amps Little Samson

    While the Little Samson was designed with higher-gain crunch in mind, it is built on the platform of the Southland and Lightspeed. Learn More

  6. Greer Amps Special Request


    Greer answers your request with a Special Request: A Humble-style FET input preamp.

    Learn More

  7. Greer Amps Ghetto Stomp

    It sounds like an old Valco or Tweed amp, is significantly less bulky and much more customizable. Learn More

  8. Gurus Amps 1959 Double Decker

    It’s the rare pedal that can travel seamlessly from the stage to the mixing board without losing any usefulness, but that’s a key feature of the 1959 Double Decker, from Gurus Amps. Learn More

  9. Heavy Electronics Red Eyes Overdrive

    The Heavy Electronics Red Eyes Overdrive is a true-to-grit overdrive with a classic sense of gain and a modern conception of use with fantastic attack response on all gain settings and un-relenting headroom. Learn More

  10. Heavy Electronics Highway 77 Distortion

    The Heavy Electronics Highway 77 Distortion pedal is designed to simply feed thick and meaty IC distortion into your amp. Sounds even better coming off a wall of 4x12s! Learn More
  11. Hermida Audio Zendrive 2

    The discontinued Zendrive 2 is the most amplike of Alf's designs. The reviews and demos speak for themselves. This pedal is in great condition! Learn More
  12. Hermida Mosferatu Overdrive

    This is the first and higher gain pedal from the Zendrive family. Learn More
  13. Zendrive

    Hermida Zendrive pedal Learn More
  14. Himmelstrutz Under Overdriver

    Rare handmade overdrive, boost and EQ Learn More
  15. Hotone Skyline Series BLUES Overdrive Pedal

    Selling my Hotone Blues Overdrive pedal. This is an excellent little pedal with a great overdrive tone and true bypass. It's in perfect working condtion Learn More
  16. Hudson Electronics U.K. Broadcast Overdrive

    The Broadcast is a germanium overdrive featuring a NOS European-made Philips OC-72 germanium transistor. It has superb tone, dynamics, clarity and balls. Learn More
  17. Hungry Robot Low Gain Overdrive

    Hungry Robot Low Gain Overdrive Learn More
  18. Ibanez TS808DX Tubescreamer Plus Boost

    Now Ibanez has expanded the palette of "The Screamer" with the new TS808DX. Learn More

  19. Ibanez PD-7 Phat Hed Bass Overdrive

    Loaded with growling low-end distortion, the PD7 is an essential addition to any rock bassist's set-up. Learn More

    IBANEZ TS5 Tube Screamer with TS808 MOD and TI RC4558P CHIP Learn More

Items 141 to 160 of 435 total

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