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  1. DOD Phasor 201

    The DOD Phasor 201 is nearly 40 years old. Many people don’t know this, but the core of the Uni-Vibe is a 2-stage phase shifter, and DOD knows this. Four decades ago, the company set out to replicate this sound, and now, the original 2-stage phaser is available once again. Learn More

  2. EHX Small Stone Russian V.3

    Vintage Electro Harmonix phaser, working well! Learn More
  3. Electro Harmonix Nano Bad Stone Phaser

    Electro-Harmonix has resurrected one of its long-forgotten classics, the Bad Stone phase shifter. The Bad Stone provides six stages (as opposed to four) of gooey phasing goodness. Learn More

  4. Electro Harmonix Nano Small Stone

    The Electro Harmonix Nano Small Stone carries all the tone of it's big brother in a tiny package. Featuring a control for speed and a color switch, the Electro Harmonix Nano Small Stone offers bountiful phase shifting tones in a space saving package. Learn More

  5. Ibanez BPL Bi-Stage Phaser

    This packs a lot of great phaser tone in a small and expensive unit. Learn More
  6. Ibanez PM7 Phase Modulator

    One of the best modulation pedals ever Learn More
  7. MXR CSP026 Handwired 1974 Vintage Phase 90

    Used only 2-3 times. No velcro on bottom. Excellent condition! Learn More
  8. MXR CSP101SL Custom Shop Script Phase 90

    The MXR Script Phase 90 is a recreation of the original script logo pedal that made the phaser an effect to remember. The latest version of the MXR Script Phase 90 features an LED and a power jack as well as that sweet, sweet tone. Learn More
  9. MXR CSP105 75 Vintage Phase 45


    The MXR CSP105 75 Vintage Phase 45 reissue is the ultra rare little brother to the classic Phase 90, and is direct from the MXR Custom Shop. This analog pedal is crafted to the exacting specs of the MXR Custom Shop, with hand-matched FETs and a hand-wired circuit board that is an exact replica of the 1975 design. Learn More

  10. MXR EVH Phase 90

    It is in very good condition. Never gigged - only used in my smoke free home. No Velcro on the bottom. Comes with the box and manual Learn More
  11. MXR M101 Phase 90

    This device has found its way into many of Eddie Van Halen's recordings, adding a shimmery velocity to lead passages or a more dramatic swoosh to muted strumming. Not just for guitars; it works well with bass, keyboards and even vocals. Vary the speed from a subtle, long cycle to a fast, watery warble...and myriad vintage vibrations in between. Learn More

  12. MXR Phase 90

    The warm modulation heard in the MXR Phase 90 which goes from subtle, spatially enhancing shimmer to all-out, high velocity swooshes in the simple turn of one knob is accomplished by the 100% analog circuitry and hand-selected FET transistors that go into this timeless orange stomp box. Learn More
  13. MXR ZW90 Wylde Phase

    The MXR ZW90 is a limited edition pedal that brings you Zakk’s take on the legendary Phase 90, allowing you to dial in everything from slow washy phase to rapid-fire pulses that make your head spin. Learn More
  14. Vintage Ross Phaser

    Vintage Ross Phaser - Made in Kansas Learn More

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