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  • Wampler Faux Spring Reverb

    Wampler Faux Spring Reverb

    The Wampler Faux Spring Reverb is the answer to that weak or non-existent amplifier reverb. With an all analog dry signal the Wampler Faux Spring Reverb maintains the natural tone of your guitar while mixing in some warm, organic reverb.
  • Walrus Audio Descent Reverb

    Walrus Audio Descent Reverb

    The Descent Reverb from Walrus Audio combines time-tested reverb algorithms with a host of new features, many of them found on no other reverb pedals.
  • Red Panda Context Reverb

    Red Panda Context Reverb

    Context provides classic reverb sounds to place your instrument in a room, hall, cathedral, metal plate, or less natural surroundings. All of the algorithms are adjustable so that you can get the right combination of pre-delay, reverb time, and frequency response.

  • JHS Pedals Alpine Reverb

    JHS Pedals Alpine Reverb

    Behold: the Alpine, the first reverb pedal from JHS. After making several other effect types, JHS has turned its sights on the last remaining effect. JHS doesn’t skimp on features and quality—you should know that by now—and the Alpine is no exception.
  • Electro Harmonix Cathedral Stereo Reverb

    Electro Harmonix Cathedral Stereo Reverb

    The Electro Harmonix Cathedral Stereo Reverb is the newest reverb effects pedal from the company who has been revolutionizing guitar effects since the 70's. Designed to give you all the the great reverb tones you have heard since surf was king and a few available only on previous ... read more

  • EarthQuaker Devices Afterneath

    EarthQuaker Devices Afterneath

    It’s rare to find a reverb that doesn’t attempt to emulate a certain device or space. Many manufacturers are bent on coming up another iteration of a spring tank. Earthquaker, however, has created a new reverb that isn’t based on a certain space, but rather on space, the abstract concept.
  • Dr. Scientist Mini-Reverberator Silver Laser

    Dr. Scientist Mini-Reverberator Silver Laser

    The Dr. Scientist Mini Reverberator is a small footprint reverb pedal that offers 9 different reverb types in one little box. Using a heretofore unknown dimensional technology, the Dr. Scientist Mini Reverberator fits rooms, halls, and plates all into one durable little box.
  • Dr. Scientist BitQuest

    Dr. Scientist BitQuest

    The Dr. Scientist BitQuest is an astoundingly full-featured multi effect in an incredibly tidy 125B package. There are eight onboard effects, each with Clean and Dirty modes, and each patch contains some seriously powerful controls that make the BitQuest a joy to play.
  • Death by Audio Reverberation Machine

    Death by Audio Reverberation Machine

    With knobs such as the Verb knob that goes to 125 percent (!!!) and an "Altitude" knob, the Reverberation Machine can do the subtle verb that is oh so important to any setup, but can also deliver huge swaths of jagged resonance that could easily define a "signature sound."

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