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  1. Black Cat Stereo Black Cat Vibe


    When it comes to Uni-Vibe type pedals, you’ve played the rest, now play the best.

    Learn More

  2. Boss CE-2W Waza Craft Series Chorus

    The legend is back, adding stereo outputs and both CE-1 modes to the finest chorus pedal on the market. Learn More

  3. Boss DD-500 Digital Delay

    Boss has taken its beloved digital delay series to three digits with the DD-500, Boss's magnum opus in the realm of digital delay. The DD-500 packs an unprecedented level of control and modes into a compact package—something that's been Boss's MO for decades. Learn More

  4. Catalinbread Belle Epoch

    Regular Price: $199.99

    Special Price: $169.99

    Catalinbread’s Belle Epoch might be the world’s most authentic tape echo pedal, modeled on the famous Echoplex EP-3—the legendary delay used by guitar heroes across the decades. Learn More

  5. Catalinbread Dirty Little Secret MKIII

    Regular Price: $169.99

    Special Price: $144.49

    Catalinbread has a whole new Dirty Little Secret. The MKIII has the authentic, harmonic crunch of a classic Super Lead you need for the foundation of your sound, or flip a switch for the sound of a Marshall Super Bass. Let it be your Dirty Little Secret. Learn More

  6. Digitech Trio + Band Creator and Looper

    The Trio+ incorporates a looper, so players can now loop their parts over the accompaniment and play along with them, as if there were two guitarists in the band. Learn More

  7. DOD Carcosa Fuzz


    Meet the new king in yellow: DOD’s outstanding Carcosa fuzz.

    Learn More
  8. Dr. Scientist Sounds BitQuest - UFO

    The Dr. Scientist BitQuest is an astoundingly full-featured multi effect in an incredibly tidy 125B package. There are eight onboard effects, each with Clean and Dirty modes, and each patch contains some seriously powerful controls that make the BitQuest a joy to play. Learn More
  9. EarthQuaker Devices Acapulco Gold V2

    Regular Price: $125.00

    Special Price: $106.25

    The Acapulco Gold is an original power-amp distortion circuit from our friends at EarthQuaker Devices that's based on a dimed Sunn Model T. Learn More

  10. EarthQuaker Devices Terminal Fuzz

    Regular Price: $165.00

    Special Price: $140.25

    The Terminal fuzz is a blown out, busted and all around destructive fuzz device modeled after the old JAX fuzz (a re-branded Shin Ei Companion fuzz well loved for its buzzy sound). The Terminal takes this design three steps further by allowing control over the gain, fine tuning of the EQ and a massive adjustable volume boost. Learn More

  11. Electro Harmonix Synth 9

    The time has come: The Synth9 puts you behind the ivories of nine classic analog synthesizers. Learn More

  12. Empress Effects Compressor

    The Empress Compressor provides a professional, studio quality compressor in a stompbox. Featuring switchable metering and versatile controls, the Empress Compressor is the perfect solution for instrument compression. Learn More
  13. Empress Effects ParaEq w/ Boost

    The Empress ParaEq is a super quiet, transparent parametric eq with up to 30db of boost and selectable Q. Use the Empress Effects ParaEQ to sweeten up or tighten down, it's up to you. Learn More
  14. Frantone Electronics Peachfuzz

    Fran is back and her Peach Fuzz has returned to reclaim the throne of fuzz royalty. Learn More

  15. Greenhouse Effects Drifter Tremolo

    Ride along with the Drifter tremolo and realize that size doesn't necessarily matter. Learn More

  16. J. Rockett Audio Designs Archer Ikon

    Regular Price: $199.00

    Special Price: $169.15

    The crew here at PGS spent a great deal of time pouring over the Klon circuit (including our own) and the diodes used therein. After much searching and prodding with direction from Rockett, we were able to cultivate our own magic for this, the Archer Ikon—the definitive transparent overdrive. Learn More

  17. J. Rockett Audio Designs Blue Note

    Regular Price: $199.00

    Special Price: $169.15

    The Rockett Pedals Blue Note is a dynamic, touch sensitive overdrive that is perfect for many applications. With the ability to give a woody tone as well as blistering, smooth lead tones, the Rockett Pedals Blue Note responds like a dream to guitar volume and pick dynamics. Learn More

  18. JHS Muffuletta

    Regular Price: $229.00

    Special Price: $194.65

    This ultra-versatile pedal delivers five classic Muff types and a sixth JHS modified version, spanning the Muff's entire history from the breadboard to superstardom. Learn More
  19. Keeley Electronics Neutrino Envelope Filter

    Regular Price: $209.00

    Special Price: $177.65

    The Keeley Neutrino is a classic sounding optocoupler-equipped envelope filter pedal that flat-out leaves the competition in its wake. Imagine an envelope filter that sounds like the juiciest Mu-Tron III in any studio, at one-fifth the size, and you're halfway there. Learn More

  20. Magnetic Effects Solar Bender


    Finally, a vintage-inspired fuzz that fixes every last problem with germanium fuzzes.

    Learn More

Items 1 to 20 of 46 total

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