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  1. WMD Geiger Counter Civilian Issue

    The WMD Geiger Counter Civilian Issue is the simplified version of the Geiger Counter. With 32 sounds from the original available, the WMD Geiger Counter Civilian Issue is perfect for the gigging musician who needs simple operation and complex tones. Learn More

  2. Wilson Effects Mycelium

    Taking its inspiration from the strange Snarling Dogs Mold Spore Wah, the Wilson Effect Mycelium features everything in that pedal EXCEPT the wah part. That's ok, the wah part was average at best, but the real meat-and-potatoes of the circuit is the wacked-out ring modulator that exists therein. Learn More

  3. Subdecay Octasynth

    The Subdecay Octasynth is a synth effect that converts the guitar signal into 3 square wave octaves that are then run into a resonant filter. Create huge analog synth tones with the Subdecay Octasynth. Learn More

  4. Subdecay Harmonic Antagonizer Fuzz/Oscillator

    Subdecay is pushing the envelope on the effect they created. The Harmonic Antagonizer offers fuzz with some serious filtered Synth tones and envelope effects. Learn More

  5. Shoe Pedals Pixel

    The Pixel began its life as an oscillating fuzz but has since been refined several times, and now in its most refined form, it’s a gated fuzz with a bunch of tricks up its sleeve. One such trick is that this thing kicks some serious ass on bass. Learn More
  6. PLL Synth Octave Glitch Noise Built By Ryan

    Phase Locked Loop with mods for lower octave glitch fun. Works on Guitar Bass and keys. All hand made hand wired custom build. Learn More
  7. Moog MF Ring - Minifooger Series

    The MF Ring is an analog ring modulator that is based on the best selling Ring Mod in the world, the Moogerfooger MF-102.  Its unique tone voicing circuit adds a new musical dimension to ring modification, making it easy dial in everything from octaves and choral dissonance to harmonic undertones and synthesized lead lines. Learn More

  8. Malekko Wolftone Chaos

    The Malekko Wolftone Chaos is a remake of the original Wolftone Chaos designed by Todd Wolfgram. Built in collaboration with Todd, the Malekko Wolftone Chaos retains all of the original analog tone with an updated power requirement for easy integration. Learn More
  9. Malekko Scrutator

    Many of us long for a device that is pristine until we want it to be otherwise, and when the time calls, we want to mangle the sound within inches of its life. Enter the Scrutator. Learn More

  10. Malekko Charlie Foxtrot

    The Charlie Foxtrot from Malekko is a digital buffer/granular pedal. Granular synthesis is the process of taking in an incoming waveform, chopping it up and rearranging it in any number of ways. Learn More

  11. Electro Harmonix Super Space Drum

    A faithful recreation of Electro-Harmonix’s original Super Space Drum, the reissue remains true to the core circuit of the original whacked-out drum pad. Learn More

  12. Electro Harmonix Lester K

    Fear no longer, Leslie seekers. Electro-Harmonix has heeded the call of the rotating speaker, and now you, the player, stand to benefit. Learn More

  13. Electro Harmonix Iron Lung Vocoder

    The Electro Harmonix Iron Lung Vocoder is a compact pedal vocoder that shares algorithms with the popular V256 Vocoder. Featuring a Gender Bender control, the Electro Harmonix Iron Lung Vocoder gives the user the ability to create more feminine or masculine vocals. Learn More

  14. Electro Harmonix Frequency Analyzer Ring Modulator

    The Electro Harmonix Frequency Analyzer Ring Modulator combines classic moving, tunable 3-part harmonies and variable filtering effects ia a new die cast pedal. For crazy times and weirdness check out the new Electro Harmonix Frequency Analyzer. Learn More

  15. Electro Harmonix Crash Pad

    The Crash Pad is a self-described "electronic crash drum," but what that really means is that it can make all sorts of sounds from snare drums, hi hats, the eponymous crash cymbal and any kind of outer-space alien calls you can dream of. Learn More

  16. Earthquaker Devices Organizer

    The Earthquaker Devices Organizer is a revolutionary new polyphonic organ simulation pedal from our good friends at EQD. The Organizer puts warm, realistic organ and octave tones in a compact pedal that everybody can afford. Learn More
  17. Earthquaker Devices Organizer

    The Earthquaker Devices Organizer puts warm, polyphonic organ and octave tones in a compact pedal that will fit on guitar or bass player's board. The Earthquaker Devices Organizer is built by hand in Akron, Ohio. Learn More

  18. Digitech Whammy V

    The Digitech Whammy V is the next generation of the legendary pitch shifting pedal. The Digitech Whammy V includes the same legendary effects as always with added chordal pitch-shifting and true bypass. Learn More

  19. Digitech Bass Whammy

    DigiTech finally brings back the Bass Whammy, the world's best pitch-shifting effect optimized for bass- maintaining classic settings from the original along with many modern upgrades. Learn More

  20. Catalinbread CSIDMAN

    Catalinbread has created a digital delay based on the sound of a skipping CD player. Wait, what? Learn More

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