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  1. ZVex Vexter Sonar

    The ZVex Sonar is an extraordinarily versatile tremolo pedal. The ZVex Sonar gives you fully controllable sine wave and square wave tremolo effects, clean boost and distortion, and tap tempo control that shifts to your preset rate. Learn More

  2. Wren and Cuff Sonder Chorus Tremolo


    Wren and Cuff's first modulation circuit delivers two 100 percent analog circuits in one box.

    Learn More

  3. Wampler Latitude Tremolo Deluxe

    From the sweet shimmering tremolo of yesteryear to helicopter choppiness of today, the tremolo has been a staple for guitar effects. With one foot in sweet vintage tremolo tones and one foot in more modern helicopter chops, the Wampler Latitude Tremolo Deluxe offers the best of both worlds. Learn More

  4. Walrus Audio Monument Harmonic Tremolo

    The Monument stands as a monument to classic trem sounds across two eras. Learn More

  5. Walrus Audio Janus Tremolo/Fuzz

    The Walrus Audio Janus gives studio quality Fuzz and Tremolo for a world of throbbing distortion. The Walrus Audio Janus provides fuzz and tremolo alone or together with dual joystick controllers, independent volume controls and true bypass switches. Learn More

  6. Thorpy FX Chain Home B-Stock

    Regular Price: $285.00

    Special Price: $228.00

    Thorpy's take on a certified classic tremolo will leave pulse addicts drooling. Learn More

  7. Thorpy FX Chain Home

    Thorpy's take on a certified classic tremolo will leave pulse addicts drooling. Learn More

  8. Supro Pedals Supro Tremolo


    Who better to deliver real amp-like tremolo than an amp company made famous by its tremolo sounds?

    Learn More

  9. Stone Deaf FX Tremotron Analog Tremolo


    The Tremotron gives you every last feature you can think of, plus several you never thought of.

    Learn More
  10. Seymour Duncan Pedals Shape Shifter Tremolo

    Tons of trem features packed into a compact, easy-to-use box Learn More

  11. Pigtronix Tremvelope

    The Pigtronix Tremvelope offers extensive tone control features. Being an extraordinary tremolo effect, the Tremvelope can add truly unique tone and dynamics to your sound. Learn More

  12. JHS Pedals Honey Comb Deluxe

    The JHS Honey Comb Deluxe is a two speed tremolo pedal that allows for switching between the two speeds with a footswitch for on-the-fly adjustment. The addition of a Volume knob on the JHS Honey Comb Deluxe means you'll never have to lose volume when using a tremolo effect again. Learn More

  13. Frantone Electronics Vibutron

    The Vibutron is here to teach you a few things about how analog tremolo should sound. Learn More
  14. Empress Effects Tremolo 2

    The new Empress Tremolo 2 is an updated version of the wildly successful Empress Tap Tremolo-- the trem with an all analog signal path and digitally controlled optical tremolo, along with a dedicated tap tempo switch so you're always locked in. Learn More

  15. Electro Harmonix Wiggler Tube Vibrato/Tremolo

    The Electro Harmonix Wiggler Tube Vibrato / Tremolo gives you more classic tremolo and vibrato sounds than ever before in one box. Four modes of modulation make the Electro Harmonix Wiggler Tube Vibrato / Tremolo more flexible than your yoga teacher. Learn More

  16. Electro Harmonix Super Pulsar Stereo Tap Tremolo

    You’d be hard pressed to come up with a tremolo feature that the Electro Harmonix Super Pulsar doesn’t contain. That said, it may prove impossible to find a tremolo effect more expressive and exhaustive than the Super Pulsar. Learn More

  17. Dwarfcraft Devices Twin Stags

    Dwarfcraft Devices offers up its first modulation pedal. Of course, it's a doozy. Learn More

  18. Diamond Tremolo

    The Diamond Tremolo is a beautiful marriage between digital functionality and analog purity. With an all analog signal path and tap tempo the Diamond Tremolo comes out of the gate with the big boys, check it. Learn More

  19. Chase Bliss Audio Gravitas Analog Tremolo

    The Gravitas is capable of many classic tremolo sounds, from simple volume modulation to brownface-style harmonic trem. It can even do the same time. It's a truly inspiring box that will serve you well forever. Learn More

  20. Alexander Pedals Waveland

    The Waveland is a multi-modulator pedal, delivering three bang-up versions of classic effects in one tiny box. Learn More

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