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  1. EarthQuaker Devices Night Wire

    Regular Price: $195.00

    Special Price: $165.75

    The Night Wire is a dynamic harmonic tremolo—this means that its speed is optionally controlled by the level of the input signal, also known as “picking strength.” This allows players to integrate tremolo into their songs (yes) dynamically. Learn More

  2. Keeley Electronics Dynatrem

    Regular Price: $199.00

    Special Price: $169.15

    It might come as a shock that boutique stalwart Keeley Engineering has never released a tremolo pedal. That dry spell is over. The Keeley Dynatrem is a long time coming, and it is certainly worth the wait. Learn More

  3. SolidGold FX Stutter-Lite Tremolo

    The Stutter-lite is designed to recreate the soft flutter and bubbling pulse of vintage bias modulated, tube amp style tremolo. Built around an all analog, discrete circuit and JFET audio path. Learn More

  4. Subdecay Vagabond Tremolo

    Rediscover the best of Fender's "blackface" and "brownface" tremolos with this compact, envelope-equipped machine. Learn More

  5. Wampler Latitude Tremolo Standard

    Regular Price: $189.97

    Special Price: $161.47

    The Latitude circuit is based on Fender blackface tremolo—you know the sound. It’s been on thousands of records since its advent, and will likely be on thousands more. Learn More

5 Item(s)

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