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  1. Dunlop SW95 Crybaby Slash Wah Pedal

    Wah! Distortion! LEDs! Make your tone Slash through the mix with the Crybaby Slash Wah from Dunlop. No more guesswork with indicator LEDs for distortion and wah. The SW-95 is an instant, hard-rocking classic, just like Slash himself. Learn More

  2. Dunlop105Q CryBaby Bass Wah

    The Dunlop 105Q is the first bass wah for bassists designed by: bassists. Optimized for bass frequencies, the 105Q gives you more tonal control than any other bass effect and puts classic Cry Baby tone into your bass rig. Finally. Learn More
  3. Electro Harmonix Blurst Modulated Filter


    When it comes to synth-style filters, pick up the Blurst. It’s the best of times.

    Learn More

  4. Electro Harmonix Cock Fight

    The Cock Fight, from Electro-Harmonix offers up a full-featured cocked wah in a box that delivers juicy "talking wah" sounds and a slew of other features, including expression control and a built-in classic fuzz circuit to really open the pedal up. Learn More

  5. Electro Harmonix Next Step Crying Tone Wah

    The wah wah pedal was introduced in the 1960s. Now, almost half a century later, Electro-Harmonix has solved many of its inherent problems by creating a gorgeous wah with absolutely no moving parts and the sweetest tone. Learn More

  6. Electro Harmonix Wailer Wah

    The Wailer Wah will put some funk on your board at a price you can't refuse. Learn More

  7. EWS Wah Board Special for Xotic Wah

    The Wah Board Special will relieve you of any stress associated with a poorly mounted wah!! Learn More
  8. Ibanez WH10V2 Classic Reissue Wah

    The WH10V2 features the same circuit as the original with one major upgrade: a very sturdy metal housing. Ready now for the rigors of the road, the WH10V2 features the same multiple feedback Op-Amp circuit as the original, a feature rarely found in today’s wah pedals. Learn More
  9. Keeley Electronics Super Mod Workstation


    Have you ever wanted 16 high-quality modulation types at your feet in a compact enclosure? Keeley delivers.

    Learn More

  10. Mad Professor Snow White Auto Wah CB

    The Mad Professor Snow White Auto Wah is here in the circuit board version. The same great tone and funky fresh wah sound of the Mad Professor Snow White Auto Wah is now here in a more affordable version packed with the same great features. Learn More
  11. Magnetic Effects Midphoria

    Get a classic "parked wah" lead tone without any bothersome footpedals. Learn More

  12. Mission Engineering ReWah Pro

    The Rewah Pro is the next generation all analog wah pedal from Mission Engineering, built around a custom inductor of the type used in very high end audio amplifiers. Learn More

  13. Mission Engineering ReWah Pro Bass

    The Rewah Pro Bass is the next generation all analog wah pedal for electric bass, built around the same custom inductor as the Rewah Pro for guitar, but with specially modified circuit design to support the bass frequency range. Learn More

  14. MXR CSP032 Dimebag Custom Shop Wah - Auto-Return

    A hot-rodded auto-return version wah with an extended sweep for more lows and highs, a side-mounted 5-way frequency selector, and a kick-in boost with LED indicators. Learn More

  15. MXR M222 Talk Box

    Do you feel.. the talk box? You know it, you (secretly) love it—MXR brings you the easiest talk box ever, the M222, which has its own amp and speaker driver, meaning no complicated rigs – just plug and play rock and funk from the get go. Learn More

  16. MXR MC404 CAE Wah Pedal

    The Dunlop MXR MC-404 CAE Wah Pedal is about as versatile as a Wah-Wah can get. Featuring two selectable voices and a built in line driver, the Dunlop MXR MC-404 CAE Wah Pedal is the one you have been looking for. Learn More

  17. Subdecay Vocawah

    The Vocawah offers two parallel filters for a richer, familiar and complex sound. Learn More

  18. Voodoo Lab Wahzoo Wah Pedal

    The Voodoo Lab Wahzoo Wah pedal is the latest in innovative pedal designs. The Wahzoo gives you a classic Clyde McCoy Signature wah tone plus an auto wah and a step wah in one pedal! Check out the Voodoo Lab Wahzoo Wah Pedal. Learn More

  19. Vox V846-HW Hand-Wired Wah Wah

    The Vox V846-HW is the original Wah pedal, reborn to inspire a new generation of innovators. The Vox V846-HW is hand wired with select components, a vintage-spec. Halo inductor, and true bypass for the authentic sound of the original, ultimate wah pedal. Learn More
  20. Wilson Effects 12 Position Rippah Booster Wah Vintage Spec

    A plethora of options adorn the exterior of the pedal but one thing is for sure: you won't be lost in and band's mix ever again. This is the Rippah Q wah with the addition of a boost circuit. Learn More

Items 21 to 40 of 49 total

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