Reverend Guitars

Since 1996 Reverend Guitars have been turning out original designs that turn heads both tonally and aesthetically.  Building on the designs of yesteryear, Reverend has blended the vintage and modern into a guitar that exhibits a vintage look and vibe with modern features for playability and tone.  Most guitarists that play a Reverend and fall in love, can’t just have one.  In fact, there has been a sort of cult following of Reverend Guitars through the years of players, hobbyists, and collectors that just can’t get enough of what Reverend has to offer. 

Since 2007, most Reverend guitars are built with a korina body.  This “exotic” wood has a similar tone to mahogany with a livelier, resonant feel to it that responds incredibly well to playing dynamics.  Due to some creative sourcing, Reverend Guitars are able to offer this wood while maintaining their stunning low prices.  From there most Reverends feature a maple neck with either rosewood or maple fingerboards and a very comfortable medium “C” profile.  This profile is well suited to most any player being comfortable and perfectly hand-conforming while still being quick enough for the speed demons.  All standard Reverend models (excluding some artist models) have medium jumbo frets that are dressed perfectly and a 12” radius for effortless bending and no note choking. 

Reverend pickups are Joe Naylor designs (excluding some artist models).  The humbuckers are wound around traditional specs, usually with a slightly hotter bridge and slightly cleaner neck and are perfectly matched for volume and output.  The combination of design and pickups gives Reverend Guitars a beefy feeling tone that is all vintage with a modern twist. 

The most standout feature of modern Reverend Guitars is the unique Bass Contour Control.  This control allows the user to attenuate the amount of low frequencies output by the pickups, resulting in a re-voice of the guitar that concentrates on the highs and high-mids.  The BCC can re-voice a humbucker to sound and respond like a single coil in a single twist for an amazing palette of tones right on the guitar itself.  This works perfectly with fuzz pedals and overdriven amps and the players that ride their volume knob a lot have found that this control will allow some more “sparkle” through when backing off to clean up.

Reverend Guitars are consistently manufactured to high quality specifications then set up and prepared here in the USA before delivery.  When opening a shipment of 20 Reverend Guitars, we’ve found that each and every one had consistent low action, beautifully polished frets, and consistent tone from one guitar to the next.  Not even many USA made guitars can make that claim.  Each and every Reverend is ready to play right out of the box with no quick tweaking needed.  They stay solid through most weather changes and most Reverend players figure out soon enough that once the guitar is set up, it rarely needs any additional adjustment.

In this day and age, there are a LOT of guitars out there.  From small boutique manufacturers making vintage re-builds to the same big manufacturers making vintage rebuilds.  Reverend Guitars are a breath of fresh air in the industry with unique designs and features and consistently great tone no matter what model you happen to pick up.

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