Knaggs Guitars Announces Creation Series Guitars

November 26, 2013

We’re always on the lookout for cool new guitars—Knaggs Guitars out of Maryland first popped up on my radar from their Steve Stevens signature model, and they recently announced their new “Creation Series” guitars. Full press release below.

Greensboro, MD (November 25, 2013) -- Knaggs Guitars, a Maryland USA based boutique maker of high-end, investment grade stringed musical instruments will exhibit at NAMM 2014 (Booth # 3395). In a synergistic approach to a similar customer base, Knaggs Guitars will exhibit together with Tone Merchants/Friedman amplification, David Allen pick-ups, Rock’n Roll Relic Guitars, Solo Dallas and Gravity Picks.

Responding to numerous customer requests, Knaggs Guitars will introduce their ‘Creation Series’ consisting of hand built, one-off instruments designed by master-luthier Joe Knaggs. In 2014, the "Creation Series" will evolve into a special custom order program allowing players to fulfill their individual preferences in an entirely custom built instrument drawing upon Knaggs’ successful "Chesapeake" and "Influence" series. VP of Global Sales & Marketing Peter Wolf stated: “We are very excited to show our new creations in the presence of other designers and inventors who are making stellar products with the same attention to detail and care. We look forward to returning to the show floor and spending time with our Artists, dealers and distributors and making new friends and associates.”

Knaggs Guitars have been carving a niche for themselves in the world of high-end guitar making in just a few short years and are being offered in 26 countries. Artists currently using Knaggs instruments include Grammy-Award winner Steve Stevens (Billy Idol, Michael Jackson, Kings of Chaos) Nils Lofgren (E-Street Band), Stuart Fraser (Noiseworks/John Farnham), Jared Martin (Colton Dixon), Doug Rappoport (Edgar Winter Band), two time Latin Grammy nominee Pablo Olivares and many others.


  1. Abbacus says:

    They’re probably great guitars and all, like many other similar offerings from indie makers that have come out in recent years. My issue is the resale value thing. These non-established, non-old, or well known brands just won’t do anything but depreciate, at least short term. Maybe someday they will gain value but for guitar guys who often buy, try, then might sell or trade: the standards or known are the ones to own. Crazy, I know, but I can’t afford to eat short term off the lot depreciation.

    posted on November 26, 2013 at 2:23 pm
  2. Fleck says:

    Not sure if YOU’RE very familiar with Knaggs, Abbacus, but they’re not just some “indie brand”. They’re one of the most respected names in modern guitar building, right up there with PRS, and just down the street. I don’t think you’d ever want to resell one of these guitars once you get your hands on one anyway, they’re the bees knees, and if you ask around, you’ll see it’s not just a whisper in the business but almost a household name.

    posted on November 27, 2013 at 12:47 pm
  3. Michael says:

    So how do we get one? It doesn’t look like Pro Guitar Shop carries Knaggs.

    posted on November 27, 2013 at 2:42 pm
  4. Grover Pace says:

    I agree with the idea of sticking with the household names.  I have a Tradition s20 Les Paul that is ever much as a good player as a Gibson Les Paul but I’d have a hard time selling it for any price.

    posted on November 27, 2013 at 2:45 pm
  5. julian says:

    I like to know how much they go for?

    posted on November 27, 2013 at 4:42 pm
  6. scott says:

    Abbacus, almost every guitar in the world bought new today will depreciate. Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying. I even take issue with Knaggs using ‘investment grade’ in their marketing - they likely won’t be - but still, they are wondrously excellent instruments with a serious pedigree (Joe Knaggs was lead designer and head of Private Stock at PRS for many years) - so it’s certainly not some non-established upstart.

    Sure, if you’re a “buy/try/sell-trade/repeat” kinda person then stick with the big two or three - you will cut your financial losses but you also close off a huge part of the world of guitars. Seems to me if you are buying and selling a lot then you’re not able to find “the one” (or two or three!) so it seems short-sighted to discount the smaller boutique stuff that might serve your needs better. You need to ask yourself why you are going through guitars so (relatively) quickly.

    I don’t know any serious musicians who buy and sell guitars like baseball cards which some people seem to do. Find a few that are great, find your voice, and grow old with them. Then go crazy on pedals. ;)

    posted on November 27, 2013 at 8:39 pm
  7. Stefaun says:

      I bought, sold, and traded guitars when I was 21, or 22 years old, but I soon got out of that. I am 65 now, and for the last endless years since, if I do not make an instrument, I look for one that has POTENTIAL to be adjusted, changed, or ( oh no, here come the dreaded words) MODIFIED PERMANENTLY to be an instrument that can be used by me to play, respond, and sound just the way that I would like. I have no fear of making a very nicely done modification for fear of the instrument loosing it’s value. Without making it work for only me, it has no value.

    posted on November 27, 2013 at 11:15 pm
  8. Alan H. Veil says:

    Carvin has had some great deals on their guitars & mods lately—it’s the same concept of picking a basic model and then adding whatever features one desires, hand-built in the USA. If I had a lot of money, or a chance for a do-over, I might have gone w/such a company because it seems like there are no perfect guitars within my price reach—or none that have ALL of the features I like. If the Ibanez AR320 had a mahogany neck instead of a maple one (which makes it a bit top-heavy) and some locking tuners, it would be hard to beat for my tastes, and it was relatively cheap. I bought a cherry-burst model and it’s one of the prettiest guitars I’ve seen. I can look at it for hours! I couldn’t believe it was made in China, as the build, binding, frets & inlays were all flawless, & I love the Super 58 PUPs. It’s basically like a double-cutaway Les Paul, with a beautiful carved maple top. The combo MOP/abalone inlays on the dark rosewood neck are really sweet, and it plays great. It’s hard to go back to my Strat, even with its compound-radius fretboard, after playing this guitar w/its 12” radius & 24.75” scale length. I love my US deluxe Strat for rhythm, but for lead, I realize I really like the “Gibson scale length” w/a set 12” radius. When a guitar is really beautiful, it really calls-out to you and says “play me!” every time you look at her!

    posted on November 28, 2013 at 6:59 pm
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  10. NoOneYouKnow says:

    “Made in China” is a nonstarter. Unless you want a guitar made of elephant ivory and sharks’ fins and made by 10-year-old prisoners.

    posted on December 3, 2013 at 8:17 am
  11. shifan1 says:

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    posted on December 3, 2013 at 10:56 am
  12. Grover Pace says:

    Made In China, two of the greatest guitars I have. (1) Fender Modern Player Plus Tele
    (2) Blueridge BR160
    China guitars are great

    posted on December 3, 2013 at 12:01 pm
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