The Fenders You’ve Never Heard Of

April 25, 2013

by Daniel Brooks

Tele, Strat, P-Bass, J-Bass, Jag . . . instruments so ubiquitous that you might forget these are not their actual names. Each has its own distinctive sounds, its own look, its own luminous history and its parade of inspired players who have used it to create some of the most popular music ever, sometimes even completely transforming pop culture in the process. Fender guitars and basses have become so iconic that it is difficult to imagine how the last sixty or seventy years might have sounded without them.

But, of course, while not every Fender instrument has inspired this same level of success, many relatively obscure Fender guitars do have their fans. Maybe an adventurous musician looking for a quality instrument that is different enough to create a unique sound, or maybe a beginning guitarist on a budget, or a collector in search of a lost gem whose quality outshines its fame. Or maybe, a thrift store romantic who embodies all three of these and simply has a good eye, and a good ear, for the forgotten masterpieces.

Then there are those truly obscure instruments unknown to all but a dedicated few. Quirky experiments, expedient hybrids, odd designs that would never be manufactured in large enough numbers, or never marketed properly to get the attention they deserved. For one reason or another, these were guitars that never had a chance to become iconic. Let’s take a look at a few.  

The Fender Swinger was one of the quirkiest and most obscure guitars ever to come out of the factory. It was introduced in 1969 as a way to make use of spare parts left over from the unsuccessful Fender Bass V. and the “student” model Fender Musicmaster. Only 250 to 600 were ever assembled and they were virtually unmarketed, never appearing in any of Fender’s catalogs or literature. The “Swinger” decal seems to have been an afterthought, applied, if at all, over the finish on the headstock. Most began to peel off within a few years, so very few have any kind of indication as to what model of guitar they are. More often than not, those who found a Swinger had no idea what to call it and often informally referred to it as the Fender Arrow, probably after the pointy “arrow” shaped headstock. The Swinger featured a 22.5” scale length, an almost randomly contoured body design, one single-coil pickup near the neck, and a bridge and control plate design borrowed from The Fender Bass V. Dating these guitars would seem to be a difficult task, since they are assembled entirely from older parts, but they were only made for a brief period, so every Fender Swinger is a vintage 1969. As rare as they are, musicians as different as Jimmy Page and Talking Heads’ Tina Weymouth have taken them to the stage.

Also released in a brief 1969 run, the Fender Maverick was another attempt to clear out old factory stock that met with limited success. Essentially a twelve string Fender Electric XII, modified to be a six string guitar, the Maverick featured the same elongated headstock as the XII. The holes for the six tuning pegs were widely spaced, and headstocks that had already been drilled for 12-holes had the extra six holes plugged and refinished with a concealing veneer. The body had a slightly different design than the XII, but the neck, split P-Bass style pickups and hardware were often directly lifted from the twelve string model, and the bridge was borrowed from the Fender Mustang. Very few Mavericks were ever made and they never sold well.

The Fender Electric XII, from which the Maverick is derived, was designed from the ground up to be a twelve string electric guitar. It features split P-Bass style pickups, four way switching, and individual bridge saddles for each of its twelve strings. It is neither particularly rare nor common, having had a limited amount of success during its five-year run from 1965 to 1970, but it does have its own distinctive sound that has contributed to many more influential records than one might expect. It was featured most prominently on The Who’s Tommy, and Led Zeppelin’s Stairway To Heaven, as well as records by The Velvet Underground, Cream, Caravan, and Tom Petty.

The Fender Performer was introduced in 1985 in an attempt to compete with the edgier, angular styles that were growing in popularity among heavy metal guitarists. The one-year run was made entirely in Japan, at a time when the U.S. manufacture of Fender guitars was at an all time low. It is rumored that the design of the body and headstock was inspired by the contours of the scraps left over from the manufacture of Japanese Stratocasters, and the angular “horns” that form the cutaways are modeled after the flat part on the back of a Strat. The Performer offered some outstanding features like custom offset humbuckers with a coil-tapping switch, sealed tuners, 24 frets and a locking tremolo system. Despite the limited success of its short run, the Performer has since been recognized by collectors as a high quality guitar, with an elevated price to match its quality.


Of course, there are many other Fender guitars that have never achieved icon status, but were in production long enough to be reasonably available, and to earn their own deeply loyal following. The original Fender Starcaster was a semi-hollowbody in production from 1975 to 1982. It features an offset ES335-style body and a pair of humbuckers. It has become somewhat better known as a favorite of Radiohead guitarist Jonny Greenwood.

The Fender Duo-Sonic was a “student” guitar introduced in 1956. It remained in production, with a few upgrades and remodels, until 1969, when it gave way to the much more popular Mustang. The Duo Sonic featured a short 22.5 inch scale length, two single coil pickups and a fixed bridge. Despite its intentionally low-cost construction, the Duo-Sonic proved to be a very playable guitar with great sound that has earned a coveted place among collector and artists as diverse as David Byrne, Bill Frisell, John Mclaughlin, Liz Phair, and Rory Gallagher.

Keep your eyes and ears open and you might find one of these undiscovered treasures. Recognize them for the hidden gems they are and pay whatever underestimated price the owner is likely to ask. Chances are, you’ll have bought a guitar that will continue to surprise you with its quality, its quirky charms and its singular sound and feel.


  1. Andrew Riley says:

    Great article! Will keep my out for some of these!

    posted on April 26, 2013 at 12:06 am
  2. John Heinz says:

    Another odd one I had seen only once is the Fender Katana, which had the arrow shaped headstock of the Swinger, and a body more like a flying V with a notch. had one humbucker and the Strat style tremolo bridge.

    posted on April 26, 2013 at 2:52 am
  3. MG says:

    Great write-up!!! Thanks for this.

    posted on April 26, 2013 at 2:57 am
  4. Dave says:

    I’ll second the Fender Katana. I have one of those and it’s a great instrument. One of the fastest necks I’ve played.

    posted on April 26, 2013 at 3:04 am
  5. teodor says:

    the katana is a weird one for sure.
    Do one for Gibson,they had a lot of quirky one’s. the S-1 etc

    posted on April 26, 2013 at 3:08 am
  6. Epoxydog says:

    There is a Katana on Ebay now. A local here in Hawaii is selling it.

    posted on April 26, 2013 at 3:19 am
  7. Jerry St.James says:

    They went the way of the Edsel.

    posted on April 26, 2013 at 3:21 am
  8. Tom says:

    Maverick? That’s funny because I used to own what was called a Fender Custom which was the XII body an sunburst finish but the Maverick’s string setup and tremolo. The tremolo was unique as well, I seem to recall. Something in the pivot was different. Very nice, soft touch. The neck was a joy for me. Since it was originally a twelve string it was a bit wider. My big hands really dug the extra room. Back in the mid 70’s me and a very good friend both found a Custom at different shops around Philly and both bought them. We used to gig together and blew some minds with one of us on either side of the stage with these weird Fenders. Dumbest thing I ever did was to let that go. My buddy actually still has his. We both agree it’s one of the most under rated Fenders of all time.

    posted on April 26, 2013 at 3:26 am
  9. Funk E says:

    Just for the record or those who didn’t know, the Musicmaster was the single pickup version of the Duo-Sonic. Somewhat rare, used by The Artic Monkeys

    posted on April 26, 2013 at 3:34 am
  10. TBYoung says:

    Years ago i used to own one of those 56 Duo Sonic ‘s ,my first Fender, wish i still had it,been keeping an eye out for one, couldn’t afford one likely now !      Tom

    posted on April 26, 2013 at 3:34 am
  11. Travis says:

    Very interesting article. I love every guitar Fender has ever made. I have wanted an XII for some time now. Very cool guitar and I have always loved the duo sonics and musicmasters. I almost bought a swinger a few years back.

    posted on April 26, 2013 at 3:39 am
  12. John says:

    Just to be a nagging completist, the Fender Lead I, II, III and Bass are still out there in the wild somewhere.

    posted on April 26, 2013 at 3:41 am
  13. Alex says:

    Don’t forget the Fender Bronco. Alex Turner from the Arctic Moneys used to play that baby!

    posted on April 26, 2013 at 3:42 am
  14. celticgods says:

    I kick myself for not snapping up a Starcaster (and Gretsch’s and Telecaster Thinlines and Guild Nightbirds and a Gibson Howard Roberts and Epiphone Sheratons….) when everyone wanted Les Pauls and ES335’s as they were all available in the NY pawn shops and used instrument shops near Manny’s and Alex and Sam Ash on 48th street. My drummer friend and I used to visit these shops daily on our lunch hours.
    When I started to play I had access to an SG and a Mustang which belonged to friends, and I preferred the Mustang hands down.

    posted on April 26, 2013 at 3:51 am
  15. Manny says:

    Jimi hendrix is a famous duo-sonic player. When he backed up for the Isley Brothers in the 60’s, he played a duo-sonic. Then he switched to the strat and numberous guitars when he started a solo career.

    posted on April 26, 2013 at 3:55 am
  16. Funk E says:

    Oops !!! Alex is right, the Artic Monkeys Alex Turner uses a Bronco, not a Musicmaster as I stated. The Bronco had it’s own vibrato system and a 24” scale. The 2 look very similar, my bad.

    posted on April 26, 2013 at 3:57 am
  17. tuki says:

    i have a Fender Bronco and can vouch for its quality workmanship and unique tone,very satisfying no nonsense guitar

    posted on April 26, 2013 at 4:03 am
  18. Dukey Choi says:

    Great! I’d rather wait couple of weeks before paying for
    my newly obtained Ultra Relic Strat originated from the
    John Cruz. These ones are really worthwhile keeping eyes.

    posted on April 26, 2013 at 4:04 am
  19. T-Bone says:

    I knew of a guy that cut a hi-fi record with a Starcaster through a Matchless (now Top Hat) amp. Set up sounded awesome.

    posted on April 26, 2013 at 4:13 am
  20. David says:

    Watch out for the Jag-Stang as well… no longer made, and didn’t sell very well.

    Replace that wretched bridge pickup though

    posted on April 26, 2013 at 4:48 am
  21. Iago says:

    The Fender “Bullet” guitar could have been part of the list. Another guitar made only for a couple years, from left over Mustang-Strat-Tele parts in different combinations.

    posted on April 26, 2013 at 4:57 am
  22. Steven Dallman says:

    I’ve seen and played most of these, and even owned one, the Duo Sonic. Tina Weymouth played a Swinger on one Talking Heads tour.

    posted on April 26, 2013 at 5:01 am
  23. Nico Fooij says:

    I own a Fender Performer and I use it at all my gigs!!! Most versatile guitar ever :-)

    posted on April 26, 2013 at 5:11 am
  24. Tom Acomb says:

    Those guitars were all crap. You should include the Jaguar which is impossible to string with heavy strings. Only the jazz master sold and that wasn’t that popular.

    posted on April 26, 2013 at 5:12 am
  25. JIm H` says:

    I always loved the toned down simplicity, look, and intimate playing feel of the Duo-Sonics and Musicmasters. Another Duo-Sonic player is punk goddess Patti Smith…she even name checked it in one of her songs!

    posted on April 26, 2013 at 5:16 am
  26. Antwang says:

    @Tom: About the Maverick or Custom…It’s the very same guitar but I don’t know why they called it the same. I’ve been spotting them on ebay for years…I really dig that odd shape.

    posted on April 26, 2013 at 5:23 am
  27. Tomás S. B. says:


    posted on April 26, 2013 at 5:37 am
  28. tony lazarecki says:

    Great article! One of each, please!!

    posted on April 26, 2013 at 6:06 am
  29. stringbender53 says:

    I have a Sunburst “Performer” in excellent condition I picked up in a local pawnshop for about $75.00 a few years ago, and spent two years chasing parts I needed on eBay to repair it’s single locking “System 1” Gotoh(?) vibrato bridge back to playing condition. Along the way I found out the guitar was originally designed and intended to be manufactured in the U.S., but C.B.S.‘s sale of Fender to Bill Schultz and partners left them without a guitar factory and it was consequently farmed out to one of the Japanese manufacturers. Whatever the case, the “Performer” ROCKS!  The odd body style kinda’ grows on you ( I refer to it as being the illegitimate love child of a B.C. Rich Warlock and a Jazz bass), and it’s 24-3/4” scale length 24 fret neck has a nice deepish “D” profile that feels great. The “encapsulated” slanted humbuckers in conjunction with the three way pickup selector and mini coil tap switch give three “Gibsonish” and three “Strat” tones, all of which sound very good, and although the locking vibrato only “locks” at the headstock ,once the strings are stretched tuning stability is amazingly solid. Additionally, the tone control is set up with a center detent at “5” and acts as a standard tone from “5” down and as a passive treble boost from “5” up; WAY cool!  Overall it’s build quality is excellent, it’s compact, fairly light weight, and it plays like a dream. It’s no wonder these have become desirable pawnshop prizes with increasing values, and it leaves me wondering if and when Fender might ever take notice and re-release them? It’d sure beat the hell out of the steady stream of re-hashed Strats and Teles they’ve been churning out for years!

    posted on April 26, 2013 at 6:21 am
  30. Dave from CT says:

    Actually, I’m very familiar with these “obscure” Fender models. However, I’m surprised you didn’t mention the original Marauder, which appeared in the 1965 or ‘66 catalogue, but never went into production past the couple of models pictured in that catalogue.

    posted on April 26, 2013 at 6:49 am
  31. Jal says:

    Found a beat-up green Performer for $750 last year. I was tempted, but I wasn’t on the market for a guitar at the time. Too bad.

    posted on April 26, 2013 at 7:20 am
  32. Timothy C. Lee says:

    I had an 1966 Electric XII just like the one shown here when I was seventeen and had to give it up for financial reasons.  It broke my heart to part with it.  Two years ago,  I found another one just like it.  A 1966.  I will NEVER part with it.

    posted on April 26, 2013 at 7:23 am
  33. Dave L.W. says:

    Bought a Duo-Sonic in 1958.Played in a few bands.Moved to L.A. 1969 Great sounds #4070.Stolen from my APT in 1969.I miss it!

    posted on April 26, 2013 at 7:41 am
  34. Rob B B says:

    I actually saw the Swinger in a Sam Ash store on 48th Street Manhattan around 2002. Also around that time I saw a Fender not listed here the Fender Talon they had one around the same time 2002 at a Guitar Center in Queens, N.Y. Also, at Rudy’s on 48th Street in Manhattan I saw the Fender/D’Aquisto Jazz box for sale as well.

    posted on April 26, 2013 at 7:58 am
  35. Grif Torres says:

    I’ve had a Fender Electric XII for over thirty years now. I first heard about them in 1975, when I saw a picture and description in a book. I really liked the idea that it had twelve individually-adjustable bridge saddles, for good intonation, and I really wanted one. I asked around at all my local music stores, and only got a lot of blank looks, and the occasional question, “Don’t you mean the Coronado? the accoustic?- I just filed it in the back of my mind as an impossible dream guitar.
    One day, in 1976, I went into San Francisco with some money I’d saved, to buy a record player. I looked in a store and saw something I liked, but it would cost me most of my money, so I decided to walk around the block and think about it before committing myself. I turned the corner, and there on my left, was a pawn shop with several guitars visible in it’s window. I went in the door, and the shopkeeper across the room immediatele looked up at me as I entered, and asked, somewhat impatiently, “Can I help you?” I told him I just wanted to look at the guitars, but he replied, again somewhat impatiently, “Was there any PARTICULAR guitar you were looking for?” I really just wanted to mosey in and just see what was there, and I told him so. He repeated, “No, Really, Was there anything special you were looking for?” I figured I’d stump him, like I had everyone else,  and I asked, “Well, do you have a Fender Electric XII ?- I mean the solidbody”. To my eternal surprise, he said, “Yes- right around here”, pointing to the other side of his shop, not visible from where I stood. I asked “How much?”, and he said , $150.00. This was much less than the record player, and without hesitation, I bought a beautiful 1966 sunburst Fender XII.
    I just love the guitar, and I’ve had many (musical) adventures with it over the years.

    posted on April 26, 2013 at 8:03 am
  36. Steed says:

    Great article, the variety of odd-ball designs produced by Fender never cease to amaze me. About 20 plus years ago I came across a “Fender Coronado” (the name will stick in my head til the day I die) in a pawn shop. Baby blue, ES335-style hollow body, like the Starcaster, but un-angled, with fat white Jazz-master style pick ups, and a maple neck. Came with a free Johnny Cash record! (I still remember that it wasn’t like the guitar was pictured on the cover or anything, it was just free with purchase). Couldn’t scrape together the money then and I’ve been looking for it at antique shows and in pawn shops ever since (probably can’t afford it now either! Lol!)

    posted on April 26, 2013 at 8:22 am
  37. Blair says:

    I think the Fender Heartfield range also deserves a mention, Élan, Talon, RR, Prophesy.. Some with active distortion circuits.. I’m lucky enough to have a rare Fender Talon V reverse headstock model. All made in Japan- the quality is outstanding!!

    Here it is:


    posted on April 26, 2013 at 8:36 am
  38. Cliff St. Croix says:

    Oh , yes i have ....heard of and seen all of them ! LOL

    posted on April 26, 2013 at 9:06 am
  39. Joe says:

    Very nice article.  We’ve got a Duo-Sonic; got it for my son when he was 6 ... almost 20 years ago.

    posted on April 26, 2013 at 10:04 am
  40. 57 Stratman says:

    I sure wish that Fender would make an American Vintage reissue of the Starcaster, because an actual vintage Starcaster is going for anywhere between $4500.00 and $7000.00. I kninda wish they’d make an American Vintage reissue of the venerable Coronado II also.

    posted on April 26, 2013 at 10:10 am
  41. Ben says:

    I purchased a Fender “Short Scale Stratocaster” (Artic white) from Guitar Center in Dallas during the early 1990’s-the funny thing is, I was working (as a Rep) for Heritage Guitar Co at the time. Anyway, I have small hands, & it was the most comfortable strat I ever played-it had a contoured heel which was nice. The heel plate said/engraved into the metal “made in USA,” & on the neck/back side it stated in type under the clear coat “made in Japan.” It was selling at a discount for $550.00, & was a real nice guitar. As I’ve heard, “I wish I hadn’t sold that one!”  (BTW, it was a Les Paul style scale or slightly shorter).

    posted on April 26, 2013 at 10:22 am
  42. Shtew says:

    I have a ‘65 Electric XIII in Shoreline Gold.
    These were the BEST 12 string electrics ever made!

    posted on April 26, 2013 at 11:13 am
  43. Stefaun Crichton says:

    I started to play guitar in 1965. Still have the Fender catalogs from 1965-1967. The 5 string bass back then no one seemed to want to buy. The electric 12 string was a nice instrument. I have the Performer guitar and Performer bass, both in off white color. Fender also made some solid state combo amps which are in my catalogs. I never saw one in a dealer store, or any owned by any one.
    Never have seen one listed for sale since. I do not think that very many people even know that they were ever designed and made. There was only one Statocaster model then in the catologs. They cost $252.  I worked for Sunn music in Tualitin for years until Fender bought the company. Sunn made solid state amps which sold big for a few years, but I never thought that they sounded any where as good as their tube amps.I will keep the Performers, along with a Mosrite I bought new in 1967.

    posted on April 26, 2013 at 11:14 am
  44. Shtew says:

    Electric XII…

    posted on April 26, 2013 at 11:14 am
  45. gimelgort says:

    I assume the author meant Bass VI, not V

    posted on April 27, 2013 at 12:11 am
  46. George says:

    At first glance, I wonder if the body shape of the Performer was an influence for the Parker Fly?

    posted on April 27, 2013 at 12:53 am
  47. Gwugluud Barcher says:

    I bought a 1963 Fender Duo-Sonic in 1992, for $100.  And the hippies in the music store I bought it from were laughing at me for being willing to buy it.  I still have it today.

    posted on April 27, 2013 at 7:58 am
  48. Scott says:

    I have 2 1966 electric 12’s they are absolutely fantastic.

    posted on April 27, 2013 at 11:00 am
  49. imreoir giotar says:

    Great article—some of those guitars look quite juicy.

    posted on April 27, 2013 at 11:41 am
  50. James Miller says:

    Thanks for the article.The images of electric guitar you have posted are fantasic.
    click on this

    posted on April 27, 2013 at 8:06 pm
  51. john robinson says:

    what ever happend to the fender VI which the Shadows played in some of there early instrumentals such as the theme from thunderbirds i beleve it was a baritone or six string bass

    posted on April 28, 2013 at 12:27 am
  52. Lucindra says:

    My MIJ ‘85 Performer is one of the best playing/sounding guitars I own !!

    posted on April 29, 2013 at 6:32 am
  53. keks17 says:

    Oh yeah! My Duo Sonic guitar is on the list. :D I love my guitar!!

    posted on April 29, 2013 at 11:07 am
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  55. Gabriel says:

    Amazing Article, actually I´d only herad abput the Starcaster, thanks to Jonny Greenwood, what a guitar player!

    posted on May 1, 2013 at 5:18 am
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    posted on May 2, 2013 at 3:59 pm
  57. Jim S. says:

    Back in the ‘60-‘70s I had a Duo Sonic, a Jaguar, and a Jazzmaster, swapped and traded the first two, sold the Jazzmaster in ‘74 when I bought my ‘72 Les Paul Recording for $200. I still have the Recording and just bought a Standard Telecaster for myself for my birthday!! I also have a Strat copy 75th Anniversary Tribute to the Lightcrust Doughboys, great sounding axe!!

    posted on May 3, 2013 at 6:04 am
  58. iazjh3446 says:

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    The Jennifer Lawrence Guide to Money ManagementMay 8 6:00 PMby Catherine Straut 0 CommentsPhoto: Getty ImagesDespite being one of the world’s highest-paid actresses (her paycheck for this fall’s Catching Fire alone is a cool $10 million), Jennifer Lawrence was recently named “gen Y’s top personal finance role model” by a financial services karen millen outlet online site that celebrates the thrifty lifestyle. Here, our guide to handling your finances like Hollywood’s most frugal millionaire millennial. 1. Living with your parents? Own it. “Ten million dollars and I’m still living in my parents’ condo,” Lawrence told ELLE’s Maggie Bullock in an interview. “I’ve always lived in a coach factory online tiny rat-infested apartment in New York, or a little condo in L.A., or a normal house in Kentucky. I think it would be very bizarre to live in a big mansion by myself.” 2. Don’t trick out your ride.“I still drive my same car I’ve been driving for a long time,” Lawrence recently said in an interview with the U.K.‘s Fabulous magazine. Her one splurge involving her trusty Volkswagen? Parking. “For that I have to pay four bucks,” she said.3. Take pride in bargain hunting.“I still look for bargains in the supermarket,” the Hunger Games star told Now Daily. Besides scoring 2-for-1s, Lawrence has copped to “squirreling away” things from her trailer, and openly balks at jacked-up prices: “Mini-bars are difficult, because it’s like yes, I can afford a $6 Snickers bar, but there’s just something wrong with that!” 4. Dare to be an anti-foodie.Whereas most people with bank accounts like Lawrence’s might opt for one-of-a-kind culinary experiences, Lawrence is just fine with fast food, thank you very much. In one of her most beloved moments, Lawrence ordered a McDonald’s Happy Meal during a red-carpet interview at the Oscars—ringing in at a whopping $1.99. 5. Pop bottles—on your own couch.Leave it to Lawrence to make staying in sound cooler than going out. You won’t find her throwing down at swanky clubs anytime soon: When Coach Outlet Online asked how she plans to blow off steam between films, Lawrence told Us Weekly, “I see my couch. I see TV. I see a bottle of wine!”

    posted on May 28, 2013 at 6:16 pm
  61. Anaestolvevot says:

    James Fox on His New Keith Richards Bio: Life ELLE
    James Fox coach factory on His New Keith Richards Bio: LifeOctober 26 4:41 PMby Genevieve Bahrenburg 0 Comments   Keith Richards. Courtesy of Deborah Feingold. “People say, `Why don’t you give it up?’ I don’t think they quite understand. I’m not doing it just for the money, or for you. I’m doing it for me,” says Keith Richards in his turbo-charged, long-awaited autobiography, Life, released today (Little, Brown and Company).  The book covers life as a Rolling Stone, his marriage to Patti Hansen, his conflicted-albeit-creatively rich relationship with Mick Jagger, his notorious drug busts and struggles with addiction, and the genesis of rock classics like “Ruby Tuesday” and “Honky Tonk Woman.” Writer James Fox (White Mischief), who has known Richards since the early 1970s when he was working for the Sunday Times in London, says the most interesting thing he learned about the rock legend through the process of writing this book with him was “Keith’s capacity for hard work—long hours of concentration and application. Not just with this book—and we often did three-hour sessions at a stretch—but when he went off to promote Exile coach outlet on Main Street.” Fox continues: “Just his sheer relentless grind and cheerfulness all the while. There is nothing laid-back about that; he is still ambitious and dedicated.” “His love of animals also interested me very much,” Fox says. “He once cheap coach outlet told me that when you get dogs as pups, they never forget you, even though you’re separated from them by oceans for long periods.” The story of Richards’ rescuing a dog from Moscow is chronicled in Life and “the enormous coach factory lengths he went to get him back to the U.S. were quite unexpected, even though he obviously has a warm and deep heart,” Fox says. “Once, to my amazement, very early in the morning when I walked into the sea for a swim at Parrot Cay, I heard a splashing behind me and I turned around and saw Keith Richards swimming out accompanied by a Labrador and coach outlet factory online another dog—one on each side. Not the sight you would expect.” The best party of the book may be a handwritten note from Richards on the book’s jacket that says, “Believe it or not, I haven’t forgotten any of it.” Tags: life rolling stones james fox keith richards mick jagger

    posted on May 28, 2013 at 6:19 pm

    Isabel Marant Interview Isabel Marant Fall 2013 Paris Fashion Week ELLE
    Isabel Marant on Her Fall 2013 Line and Wedge SneakersMarch 1 3:00 PMby Faran Krentcil 0 CommentsPhoto: Getty ImagesIf you’re a fashion lover and an Instagram addict, you probably already know about the new must-have shoe. It’s a black wedge bootie covered with tufts of shiny fur, then wrapped in straps of Velcro, and of course it was concocted by Isabel Marant, queen of the wedge-heeled sneaker and ambassador of oh-so-casual coolness.We spoke with the designer backstage before her Fall 2013 fashion show on her coach factory outlet online beloved footwear (even Beyoncé is a fan!) and how to artfully layer pieces.ELLE: Every girl in New York swears by your heeled sneakers. What’s your fashion constant?Isabel Marant: Probably a good leather or fur jacket, the kind that fits a little bit small so you can just put it over a T-shirt or a dress and go out the door. I don’t think you have to spend forever on an outfit for it to look chic.ELLE: That’s kind of your motto, isn’t it?IM: I like it when women look Coach factory outlet like themselves. I think that’s the most important thing, and the best-looking thing. Anytime you start being fake, whether coach factory outlet it’s with your style or with, you know, your body and surgeries—the [fake] breasts or the [fake] lips—you never look as beautiful as you do just being yourself. And it is true for clothes, too.ELLE: So you’re not a fan of heavy makeup either?IM: The look here is very natural. Not a lot of makeup and very easy, loose hair.ELLE: What about the clothes?IM: You will not believe me, but I was inspired by those miserable days and nights in winter when you don’t want to go outside.ELLE: So you didn’t design clothes; you designed a trip to Tahiti?IM: No! I just thought about, if you have to go outside, how are you going to do it coach factory store online so you look good but keep warm. No matter where you are—a party, a friend’s house, or back outside where it’s cold—I wanted it to be easy to adjust from that cold, awful weather to being inside and looking great the whole time.ELLE: How?IM: With les feuilles! The layers. I made this collection with many thin fabrics, and some are sheer, and some have prints that you can put underneath them so they reveal themselves a little bit, which I think is very appealing. You can keep piling the clothes on without looking like the crazy snowman.ELLE: Who is the crazy snowman? Is that from a scary French movie?IM: No, I think what is really scary is when you won’t go outside to coach factory store online coach factory online outlet see your friends because it’s too cold, and you don’t like how you feel when you are—what is the word?—“bundled up.” I don’t want to feel that way anymore!See all the Fall 2013 Ready-to-Wear collections.

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  63. Accentysync says:

    Inside the Met Museum’s Punk Exhibit Punk From Chaos to Couture Exhibit ELLE
    Fashionably Loud: Inside The Met’s Punk Fashion ExhibitMay 6 2:30 PMby Faran Krentcil 0 CommentsPhoto: Courtesy of the Metropolitan Museum of ArtDIY wardrobes. Street style culture. The democratization of fashion. Those buzzwords came early and often this morning at The Metropolitan Museum of herve leger dress Art, as the Costume Institute revealed its newest fashion exhibition, “Punk: Chaos to Couture.” But though they sound awfully familiar to anyone who’s been to a blogger conference, this time, they were actually herve leger outlet referencing punks—specifically the ‘70s breeds from New York and London that include music legends like Sid Vicious and The Clash. “It is the ethos of DIY that defines the punk aesthetic and its entrance into high fashion,” explained curator Andrew Bolton. To prove it, his team culled archives from actual punks (vintage—and filthy—band tees are prominently displayed in the opening room), along with the studded, shredded, and plasticized versions created by catwalk designers. Rodarte’s famous yarn-ball sweaters and Chanel’s ripped herve leger dresses tweed suits are on view. So are Gareth Pugh’s trash bag party dresses and Stephen Sprouse’s memorable graffiti tops. And just before viewing Alexander McQueen’s famous spray-paint ball gowns, there’s a room recreated to look like CBGB’s infamous restroom. (History sticklers, rest assured—the setup is accurate enough to include stained toilet seats.)Some designers included in the exhibition—most notably Vivienne Westwood—have deep roots in both the fashion and the punk scenes. But although Givenchy’s maestro Riccardo Tisci is a co-chair of tonight’s hotly anticipated gala (his co-chairs are Rooney Mara and Beyoncé), he was herve leger dress just an infant when the search-and-destroy movement took hold of Western culture. So was his fellow Met gala host, Moda Operandi’s style empress Lauren Santo Domingo (though you wouldn’t know it by her shopping site’s extensive collection of punk-inspired items, including a signed Ramones guitar and spray-painted Doc Martens). “Well, I was around then,” said ShowStudio founder and fashion photographer Nick Knight. “But I was a skinhead, not a punk. Our two worlds definitely didn’t mix.”“I don’t know if it matters if you were a ‘real’ punk or not,” mused designer Zandra Rhodes, whose ripped and studded ‘70s collections earned her fans like Freddie Mercury and Siouxsie Sioux. When asked about the close proximity of the toilet seats and the Chanel couture suits, the London legend did not seem fazed. “I love how they’ve taken this punk aesthetic, and they’ve taken it completely out of context! It’s herve leger outlet fantastic, and it’s what fashion does best.“Fashion also may sell things best, which is good for the Metropolitan Museum’s gift shop: Even at this morning’s press preview, journalists and photographers from around the world were patiently lined up, waiting to buy Patti Smith postcards and $75 skateboard decks. There were even $10 herve leger sale tubes of neon hair dye, “But don’t worry,” smiled the cheery cashier. “It washes right out.“The exhibit runs from May 9 to August 14, 2013.Photo: Courtesy of the Metropolitan Museum of Art

    posted on May 28, 2013 at 7:02 pm
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    Jo Berlusconi last but not least consider to stop Allegri, that will Allegri is definately not insufficient residence. Italia sky physical activities press reporter Manji Initial ante reported: “Rome are generally spending close up interest in order to reach Galliani along with Berlusconi. Ancient rome generally holding out to be able to Alegre, cheap soccer jerseys for sale even though it probably are not completed in the near future, yet there’re looking ahead to. Allegri often have still left Ancient rome, and have a chance to be able to. Ancient rome possesses designed just about every efforts to be able to persuade Alegre, along with offered a brand new three season contract to be able to your pet. Also, in accordance with the France mass media accounts, Rome Saint Germain possesses started along with Ancient rome to the standing connected with Allegri, Leonardo has been along with Allegri make contact with, invited your pet to be able to change the in the near future to be able to keep Genuine Madrid’s Ancelotti. The prominent qualified Dimma Zio reported that will no matter the outcome Thursday meeting, Allegri is going to be extremely quiet in the face of: keep, that ought to be, since in between your pet along with ALTERNATING CURRENT Milan have a very contract, as well as the contract ought to be safe, Allegri may also keep content. Yet if Berlusconi eventually decided to step, the Allegri prepared to surrender to travel outdoor, perhaps a couple of weeks they do not treatment. On the whole, is going to be announced Thursday. buy cheap soccer jerseys It doesn’t matter what Berlusconi last but not least decided, it will have challenges, because “Milan physical activities newspaper” the endorsed website from the headline reported—“Alegre and also Seedorf? Gambling will be. “Finally, say television system has also designed a crucial evaluation, its in between Seedorf along with Galliani. Because everybody knows, the summertime connected with 2012, Seedorf along with ALTERNATING CURRENT Milan to be able to contract, yet from the title connected with Galliani young Seedorf at a distance. Inside Italia, along with about ALTERNATING CURRENT Milan discipline Seedorf again with each other, along with Maldini to the team, along with Maldini along with Galliani in addition have negative relations

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    Bayern couple of in comparison with you exhausted Dortmund inside Champions League, having complements your requirements on the season when using the greatest end, a lot of followers happen to be guessing early on next year, an organization associated with competitors, cheap football shirts instructors around american dress and leather-based footwear inside Switzerland friends and family associated with Zurich, for your 2013 total annual prizes, number number in this year’s “FIFA Golden Entire world Award” will be exactly who? Undoubtedly, Messi remains a trendy selection. Although Basa inside Champions League a pair of circle having broken halberds defeat, 0 in order to 7 Bayern has been eradicated, women and men folks associated with Barcelona in order to retake your Los angeles Liga overhead via Serious Madrid’s hands and wrists, your League approximation a unbelievable hundred tips, because 1st associated with her, Messi inside league around scoring and climbed to fantastic 46 shot, no suspense grew to be the primary at any time to get some consecutive many years picked up your Western golden kick out merit sensational competitors. In order to champion, a title in order to specific operation, specific operation, compete inside golden shot merit, cheap football shirts the best powerful contender Messi remains. Based on a wise practice, inside golden shot merit, C Luo may be the greatest competing Messi, but Serious Madrid in this season’s effects will give C Luo “drag”. Your league, your Champions League, your king’s Cup some slip tier, one simple word of mouth “by Mourinho We don’t think this can be a trophy” inside Simple spanish Extremely Cup, of course, the following result is definitely untenable. C Luo nowadays and Messi’s sweepstakes may be your underdog, 2009 picked up your league and Messi merely gold content material a bit reduced your king’s cup champion as soon as defeated Golden Entire world Merit, until the following season using a 1 / 2 she has God’s operation, in any other case again misplaced in order to Messi is definitely almost definitely.

    posted on May 28, 2013 at 8:01 pm
  66. affoneeVems says:

    Thus, as well as Messi as well as D Luo no matter whether you will see different “dark horse”? Judging with the situated situation, has not. The actual Winners Little league was concluded together with Bayern’s success, their last good guy is usually Robben, nevertheless during the entire full time of year Holland the pan have have wonderful fluctuation. Encouraged simply by Robben Bayern, as well as Lewandowski such as the Dortmund participants will probably enter in the actual wonderful basketball honor prospect checklist a lot more than just before, cheap football shirts online nevertheless regardless of just one gets the actual Wonderful Globes usually are fairly unconvincing. Using the actual wonderful basketball honor is long for the planet, this particular range solution to further increase the difficulty with their winning prize. Thus, with the present-day situation, the chance of Messi regarding 5th several years inside a row to help earn the actual wonderful basketball there has to be, though the probability just isn’t little. Of course, with 2013 as well as Confederations Pot, you will find half some sort of 2013-14 time of year can imagination, likewise never do away with available just one battler is usually superb, however it needs some sort of two philosophy, the very first is their effectiveness is usually adequate, the other is usually Messi hopeless, but in addition tremendous dim. Recently number of months, the chance is very little. Formations inside the Catalonia Derby at Saturday that the Barcelona, Barcelona enthusiasts really pleased, resentful enthusiasts for the web 2 . 0 web site pointed out. cheap football kits With the standpoint of enthusiasts with the review, all of us largely review each defensive rookie paranova snub unhappiness, these kind of two participants usually are Montoya as well as baltra. The first enthusiasts desire some people have an opportunity to exercising, nevertheless with Barcelona have the actual champ, Villanova features as just stated let two participants develop into miniscule vistors. “Daily sporting activities newspaper” stated, this particular Saturday, Montoya as well as Bartra experienced an additional setback career job, the game versus Espanyol, just about all two participants never enter in the actual beginning line-up, chose to Vilanova this really is controversial, all things considered, the actual company claimed the actual tournament following, replacing participants will need to find some good commonly really uncommon playing time. Nevertheless guarantees, Vilanova or even not really rotator, thus, Montoya can just sit on the actual along with, as well as baltra just had been excluded with the checklist, just for the appears to watch the game.

    posted on May 28, 2013 at 8:36 pm
  67. TrigLesseli says:

    Your Switzerland Extremely League sion pub public announcement, previous AC Milan midfielder Gattuso will certainly will no longer assist because group guru posting, he can regain you merely identification. Gattuso has additionally come to be your sion group the following season dismissed from your job sixth administrator. Wholesale jerseys from china Afre the wedding on the couple of year, your weak track record associated with sion group equiped captain Gattuso because group guru, your group mentioned the first kind Croatia intercontinental provides the flexibility for making your team’s operation immediate event, possibly not detrimental your club’s aspirations. This is Gattuso’s 1st profession lessons. But merely under three months, the following season provides dismissed from your job some guru sion group publicised again Huanshuai, Gattuso finishes category, U21 youth group guru Di Fort in order to do well. This can be a sixth period the following season - sion group huanshuai. Gattuso for the duration of her weak track record, sion group 12 league video games merely have scored ten tips, inside finalized sport Gattuso trained your sion group, his or her group exhausted St. garland around 0-5 significant history. AC Milan and Florence’s Champions League challenge inside finalized circle, in relation to AC Milan take advantage of Viola striker Leah Deutch reports, furthermore often be “Turin activities newspaper” shown. It can be perceived, since it hasn’t but when using the pub, and so Dellaalle provides in progress to take into account your sale made associated with just one many years, your long term contract your genius associated with Serbia. Although “Turin activities newspaper” your reports inside Croatia sector isn’t pretty specific, Wholesale Jerseys but in relation to Leah Deutch items happen to be tested, Mist Activities fundamental copy skilled Dimazi O mentioned: “AC Milan happen to be targeting your long term contract competitors, Florence is definitely wish and Leah Deutch long term contract, women and men AC Milan provides commenced to go, that they climbed to a partnership around Florence also to test whether. ” Due to long term contract troubles, Leah Deutch price isn’t exorbitant, under in relation to 10000000 euros, whilst her 29 video games the following season around Serie A and have scored eight pursuits, and six allows, pretty detailed.

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  68. SellleveEdurn says:

    2012-2013 serie any months offers come to a good conclude, such a months nonetheless nonetheless combating in the Apennine market frequent so when trying to play outdoor movie star in addition has emerged several good fresh players, they want is quite shiny future…... cheap nfl jerseys wholesale Palin: There is no hesitation, only Palin regarding 30 yoa this holiday season, is actually age the most beneficial goalkeeper within Madeira known, moreover will be the complete key power whatsoever degrees regarding Madeira country’s youngsters crew, he or she is also regarded as the most beneficial heir Buffon, despite the fact that to the months to support Pescara to Serie Any, this specific months could not conserve that demotion to Serie A final individuality, even so the crew also produced a good uncomfortable shut-out report, nonetheless Palin is not accountable for that team’s fragile, in the end, that Pescara collection and also the team’s general capacity insufficiency ‘s the reason that crew awful report, nonetheless right now Palin already are several European clubs within Serie Any leaders, which includes several targets, believe that any much larger step is additionally looking forward to this individual. cheap nfl jerseys sale Juan: In actual fact, Brazil defender Juan in the winter regarding 2012 experienced became a member of inter Milan, nonetheless truly obtain their very own possibilities as well as once trying to play with regard to Brazil in the Newcastle Olympic Mmorpgs this specific months, Juan continues to be with all the Ranocchia since complete key global Milan collection player, this individual by using Ranocchia in addition to Samuel backside several blend also enjoyed an enormous power at the beginning regarding months. In physical form good, good should be to the benefit regarding Juan, nonetheless this individual has the benefit of to learn that downside regarding instability, nonetheless an increasing number of confidence he or she is trying to play better in addition to better, this individual appeared to be also a crucial representative in the global Milan’s future blueprints….... In the ten, The capital midfielder Foluolunqi through virtue in the months in to the country’s crew, this individual and lots of additional The capital movie star is seen since from Zeman’s success. In addition to Udine J’s 1993, fresh fellow Alan has the benefit of favorable perform.

    posted on May 28, 2013 at 9:07 pm
  69. nismseast says:

    Berlusconi’s companion Gasparri said sooner, Benitez are going to be throughout area time frame From monday night time phone software “indictment” well-known Biss Cady, AIR CONDITIONING Milan coach prospects directly. As a final point, this old disguise by means of characters through the programme proclaimed AIR CONDITIONING Milan can switch, wholesale jerseys from china but it was afterwards AIR CONDITIONING Milan officials dissmissed off. Biss Cady within the “indictment” software, compere Biss Cady published Berlusconi’s characters, this mail authored: “coaching staff can absolutely switch, if necessary, you will restructure this tavern shape. Following a disaster from the outset of the year start, my own mentors and also When i achieved, this mentors convey to everybody which the scenario is incredibly terrible, although When i explained to this team need to switch some strategies, mainly because my own practical experience is incredibly rich. “Because it is Berlusconi within the new time period subsequent time frame publicly Huanshuai, although “Biss Cady indictment” software the best rapport using Berlusconi, he acquired several times around the exhibit, hence Berlusconi’s affirmation was just about as the outgoing Allegri’s program. Soon after regarding 30 minutes, AIR CONDITIONING Milan established headline, dissmissed off Berlusconi published specific remarks. This established headline with AIR CONDITIONING throughout Milan authored: “announced this Us president Berlusconi, he wouldn’t create just about any affirmation today, as well had not composed nearly anything regarding AIR CONDITIONING by Milan. ” wholesale jerseys china “The Biss Cady indictment” web host Aldo : bies Cady with “whole market” said: “last Thursday morning, Berlusconi publicly said he would likely be present before the” indictment “Biss Cady software, with tendencies five tonight, although afterwards, he gave me an individual phone call for you to apologize in my opinion, can not are available. In that case he told me I will publish emails with his or her part, while doing so, these have also been registered with tape. “At duration, exchange pro Dimazi To main heavens sports as well said last night throughout near to night when Allegri need to state goodbye, he said: “the mail, Cady study Allegri’s farewell, every little thing was damaged, when AIR CONDITIONING Milan established affirmation denying this, although Allegri however can farewell AIR CONDITIONING Milan. ”

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    Jam from the Week! | tUnE yArDs- " Bizness"
    Welcome to our “Jam of the Week” – a place to discover new music you could incorporate into your practice, or just rock out with anytime from the day…
    tUnE yArDs is the genius project connected with songwriter, vocalist, percussionist, and ukulele player, Merrill Garbus. album, w h o k i l l, she combines African rhythms with elements of folk, R&B, funk, and 80’s dance-rock into a magical style all her own. Her first lululemon outletsingle bizness is a whimsical, somewhat crazy, yet intensely powerful collaboration lululemon canadaof sounds that weave together oh so perfectly. The video is pretty funky too… Enjoy!
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    Looking for some more yoga music? Check out lululemon outletour *free* YOGANONYMIXes

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    Sharon Socol Photography Book Sharon Socol Book Launch Party at Barneys New York ELLE
    Photographer Sharon Socol on Being Alber Elbaz’s Perfect Plus-OneFebruary 20 3:15 PMby Samantha Lim 0 CommentsNarciso Rodriguez and Sharon Socol; Photo: coach outlet website Neil Rasmus/"This is unbelievable. I’m having an out-of-body experience,” Sharon Socol told last night at the crowded coach outlet website Barneys New York launch party for her new photography book, Plus One: An Outsider’s Photographic Journey Into the World of Fashion. Socol has spent decades photographing the fashion crowd’s insider moments as the constant plus-one of her husband, former Barneys New York CEO, Howard Socol. “I’ve known the Socols for a long time, they have been great mentors,” designer Thakoon Panichgul told us. “They are so warm and passionate, and they have such helpful insight.” Richard Chai, who recently sat at a wedding with Socol, shared, “Howard has been a great mentor to me, and Sharon told me all about the book before it came out, so it is wonderful that I get to come here tonight and see it now and celebrate with them.” The store’s ninth floor was filled with other supportive industry heavyweights, including Steven Kolb, Simon Doonan, and Jenna Lyons, showing that Socol was no longer anyone’s plus-one. She personalized books for both Tommy Hilfiger and his wife Dee Hilfiger. “In the late 1980’s, Sharon showed me a lot of her work and there has been so much growth,” he said. “She has put together a very sophisticated book of photography.”  We couldn’t help but get some plus-one advice from the pro herself, to which Socol shared, “If you are someone’s [date], you should always bring your best self, ask about other people, and listen, so that you can be more familiar and comfortable with your surroundings.” Narciso Rodriguez also chimed in with his own wisdom: “To be a cheap coach outlet good plus-one, be sure to never outshine your host.”  Although Socol’s book documents fashion’s most intimate moments from an outsider’s perspective, she also taught us that some of the most special memories as a guest are meant to be private. “My favorite plus-one moment of all time is a personal one with Alber Elbaz,” she recalled. “I was backstage photographing his show, and there was a moment when he walked over to a mirror to kind of groom himself. I happened to be the only photographer nearby, and I knew that it was an amazingly perfect, private moment I was witnessing–and I didn’t take a picture. It was his moment, and I wanted to leave it to him. He gave me a look in the eye that said, ‘Thank you,’ and it just felt so special.”  Sharon Socol’s book Plus One: An Outsider’s Photographic Journey Into the World of Fashion is available at Barneys New York retail stores and online. Read the latest breaking culture news.

    posted on June 2, 2013 at 12:40 am
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    Scrap That Scant Costume, It’s Going to Snow ELLE
    Scrap That Scant Costume, It’s Going to SnowOctober 28 6:33 PMby Misty Sidell 0 Comments   Photo: Getty Halloween’s a holiday that allows us to celebrate our inner sorority girl–minimal clothing, maximum makeup, full-on drama.  Sadly, this year’s forecast is looking grim.  coach bags wholesale So if you planned on spending Saturday night nearly naked, may we suggest otherwise?  Here are a few costumes that’ll allow you to pile on the layers. This Weekend’s Occupy Wall Street Protesters Like it or not, you and the protesters coach factory outlet will have something in common this weekend—you’ll both be spending an unnecessary amount of time in the cold outdoors. Why not take some preemptive initiative and pile on the layers, smudge on some park dirt, and masquerade about with tell-tale signage. The Impending Jobs Bill Unlike you, the jobs bill will be kept warm and factory coach outlet toasty this weekend inside the offices of Washington’s coach bags wholesale elite.  Channel your jealousy into a satire-filled costume and take the bill out for a spin.  Grab a cardboard box from you local grocery store, paint it white and and scribble all over.  The best part?  No one will know how much clothing you’re wearing underneath. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen This idea (although it’s been done before) is extremely practical.  1. You can pile on the fur 2. You’ll have an oversized cup to tote various hot drinks in, and 3. You can sport some heavy-duty tights. Mary Tyler Moore The 60′s television icon was coach outlet never without a chic swing coat of sorts, often topped with a matching hat, fabulous hosiery, and an ear to ear smile.  Just remember not to wince once the wind hits your face, that’d be very un-Mary-like. Kate Middleton The Duchess of Cambridge is rarely seen without a long sleeve (she even wore an angora cardigan to her wedding), so throw on some knee-high flat boots, nude tights, a skirt suit, and a muff to channel your inner royal. Tags: kate middleton occupy wall street Mary Tyler Moore costumes olsens Holloween

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    Opening Ceremony London New Collaborations Pablo Bronstein and Scott King for Opening Ceremony ELLE
    Exclusive: Opening Ceremony London’s New CollaborationsOctober 12 4:00 PMby Erin Donnelly 0 Comments Photo: Archard ArchitecturalNow that Opening Ceremony is settling into its new London digs—the label moved two doors down from its temporary pop-up shop to a permanent 7,500-square-foot space at 35 King Street this week—it’s wasting no time in tapping the local talent.Along with carrying U.K. designers like Piers Atkinson, Christopher Shannon, Lou Dalton, KTZ, Maarten van der Horst, Hundley Swim, James Long, Marques’ Almeida, and Komakino, OC co-founders Humberto Leon and Carol Lim are paying their respects to their new homeland by stocking their shelves with limited-edition products created by London-based artists Pablo Bronstein and Scott King.Known for his architecture-focused drawings and installations, karen millen dresses Bronstein has designed a limited-edition printed scarf emblazoned with trees on a cream background. King, meanwhile, tapped into his signature counter-culture aesthetic with a pair of tea towels stamped with fictional diary entries from Jackson Pollock and Nancy Spungen, the latter of whom he sees envisioning a future in farming before being brutally murdered by lover Sid Vicious. “Opening Ceremony has supported young London talent in design and art extensively over our 10 years,” Lim and Leon told in a statement. “So when it came time to open the new London store, we collaborated with Herald St artists Pablo Bronstein and Scott karen millen outlet King to celebrate the opening with these unique items with definitive British undertones. As limited-edition pieces they are great collectors items!“Trays from Neal Feay will also be in stock, plus usual suspects like Patrik Ervell, Band of Outsiders, Carven, Pendleton, Delfina Delettrez, and OC collaborator Chloë Sevigny, who stopped by for a book signing and Q&A at the store on Wednesday night. As for the in-house Opening Ceremony collection, Leon and Lim are looking to South Korea for their latest international muse. Still, from the sounds of it, there’s plenty of Big Smoke love to go around. Pablo Bronstein scarf; Photo: Courtesy of Opening Ceremony Scott King tea towel; Photo: Courtesy of Opening Ceremony

    posted on June 2, 2013 at 1:14 am
  75. LombGonor says:

    Rag & Bone Spring 2013 London Fashion Week Marcus Wainwright Interview ELLE
    Rag & Bone’s Marcus Wainwright on Working With Kate Moss and Setting Up Shop in LondonSeptember 17 4:14 PMby Erin Donnelly 0 CommentsPhoto: Getty ImagesRag & Bone may be synonymous with slick New York City chic, but designers Marcus Wainwrightand David Neville are London boys at heart. Though they were on the coach factory New York Fashion Weekschedule for Spring 2013, the British duo decided to celebrate their roots—and the opening of theirfirst European store, on Sloane Square—with a presentation of next season’s key looks, and a LondonFashion coach factory outlet Week soiree.Relaxing with a beer in his hand and a camera slung around his neck, Wainwright took a momentto talk about coming home, why Kate Moss is the ultimate Rag & Bone girl, and his favorite Londonhaunts.ELLE: You’ve had your show, you’ve had your presentation, so what’s next? Do you go to an islandand hide away?Marcus Wainwright: I’d love to do that. I’ve got to go back and design for fall next year.ELLE: What does it mean to be setting up shop in London coach factory after all these years?MW: It’s great. We had a great crowd today, and it’s a f—-ing beautiful shop. We’re excited. It’s niceto come home, and have our family come and all our old friends and see how it’s going on. It’s good.ELLE: Tell us about working with Kate Moss. Why was she the perfect choice for your first officialcampaign?MW: I think she’s coach factory outlet the quintessential Rag & Bone girl in many ways, in the way she dressespersonally. And she’s obviously Kate Moss, which goes a long way, you know? She’s iconic, so tohave her do our campaign was really fabulous.ELLE: Does this mean you won’t be doing any more of the DIY campaigns?MW: No, we’re doing those again next week with Liu Wen. It’ll be online.ELLE: Do you have any favorite London places to visit when you’re here?MW: I spent a lot of my childhood here. We’re going to Annabel’s tonight [for the AnOther Magazineparty]. Peter Jones—landmark. They have better trainers [sneakers] here in London than they do inNew coach factory York. I collect shoes. Oh, and pubs.See the Spring 2013 Rag & Bone collection.See all the Spring 2013 Ready-to-Wear collections.

    posted on June 2, 2013 at 2:11 am
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    posted on June 2, 2013 at 3:27 pm
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    This individual also didn’t forget about to say Barca outdated fine Guardiola: “Bayern gained that League Mug and also the Champions League, Guardiola is not in the crew, the idea makes me personally quite disappointed. Right now Bayern signed Guardiola, most effective for you challenging for folks. cheap football jersey wholesale Guardiola belongs to the greatest on the earth, an awesome gentleman, an exceptionally intelligent particular person, I am quite happy to obtain caused your ex. ” Bilal Dark red feels which Guardiola is actually set with regard to his / her fresh career: “I’m unsure, nonetheless Post wager you any bottle regarding light beer, whenever this individual speaks fluent German born whenever this individual brought to you the initial discussion within Munich. Post within 03 within Ny in addition to this individual experienced lunchtime, Post inquired your ex just what this individual appeared to be accomplishing, this individual laughed and said this individual enjoyed mainly children, once in a while that German born training. I understand his / her once in a while signify whatever, Guardiola continues to be learning. ” Dealing with that recent placing your signature to regarding Neymar, this individual explained: “we making the effort to equilibrium with regard to youngsters progress in addition to construction crew, progress our own men and women, in addition to simultaneously, cheap football jersey wholesale also would like to obtain. Most people always must choose the greatest, in case you look at LOS ANGELES Masia, notice plenty of fresh gentleman, they will for instance Harvey, they were coached through Harvey to learn just how. Most are most people get started training vegetables 30 prohibited, another 5 a long time, in an effort to most people beat that spanish people. ” Despite the fact that Barcelona own locked that league bill, even so the vice leader explained another thing looking forward to these folks to perform: “the minimal targets every months should be to beat Actual This town, past its. We have executed, so that it appeared to be a good months. When most people (the final around regarding League) beat Malaga, we have one hundred details, Mourinho Bill procured one hundred details. He or she is always exposing his / her conclusion in the success tend to be good. So long as most people beat Malaga most people linked, so must consider. ”

    posted on June 2, 2013 at 5:05 pm
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