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  1. Xotic X-Blender True Bypass Effects Loop Pedal

    Xotic Effects' brand new X-Blender pedal gives you a True Bypass, switchable, external parallel effects loop. You can still use all those vintage, non-true bypass pedals without experiencing the tone-degrading consequences! Learn More

  2. Xotic SP

    Small footprint compressor. Save space, get compressed! Learn More
  3. Xotic SL Drive

    Xotic Effects’ SL Drive is a killer entry into the British-Amp-in-a-Box category, faithfully bringing all the saturation from the Super Lead and Super Bass into a compact, board-friendly enclosure. Learn More

  4. Xotic RC Booster Scott Henderson Chrome Limited

    The RC SH takes the same gorgeous clean boost circuit as the original and adds a second Gain [2] knob along with a second footswitch to toggle between Gain 1 and Gain 2. Learn More

  5. Xotic RC Booster


    The RC Booster is the ultimate silent weapon for your pedalboard. Xotic gives you over 20dB of clean boost, which could help in many applications such as increasing your signal over a long stretch of cables. This transparent booster has a two band active EQ, providing +/- 15dB for Bass and Treble. Learn More

  6. Xotic EP Booster

    The Xotic EP Booster is a discrete FET preamp pedal with a low impedance output. The EP Booster was based around the classic preamp side of an Echoplex and produces a shimmering boost tone that adds some high end sparkle and definition. Learn More

  7. Xotic Effects XW-1 Wah

    Years in the making, Xotic wasn't letting this one out the door until it was the best, bar-none. Spoiler alert: it delivers. Learn More

  8. Xotic Effects SP Compressor

    The Xotic Effects SP Compressor used an OTA to create a wide variety of great sounding compression effects. The Xotic Effects SP Compressor may be the secret to the best guitar sound you will have ever used to make music. Learn More

  9. Xotic Effects Robotalk RI

    The Xotic Effects Custom Shop has reengineered and revitalized the original Robotalk. Now in a compact size, we've improved its unique envelope filter tone. Learn More

  10. Xotic Effects Robotalk 2 Envelope Filter


    Xotic Effects Robotalk 2

    The Xotic Effects Robotalk 2 is a dream come true for those who loved the original Robotalk but wanted more tonal options. 100% hand built with the best quality parts in an aluminum diecast enclosure, this all analog 70's style filter is a welcome addition to any funk guitar or bass players arsenal.
    Learn More

  11. Xotic Effects BB Preamp Comp

    Everything that makes the BB Preamp a steadfast overdrive pedal is offered in the BB comp with the addition of a 3-way toggle for compression level. Learn More

  12. Xotic Custom Shop AC Comp

    Wide gain range overdrive with useful 2 band EQ and expanded compression settings. Learn More
  13. Xotic Custom Shop AC Comp

    The Xotic AC Comp is the latest from the Xotic Custom Shop. Take an AC Booster, add a 3-way compression switch, two internal dip switches, and a shiny new enclosure and the Xotic AC Comp bursts forth with a new range of tones for your playing pleasure. Learn More

  14. Xotic BB Preamp MB

    The Xotic BB Preamp MB is the first offering from Xotic Effects Custom Shop. This new version of the ever popular BB Preamp features a sexy brushed aluminum case with a brushed aluminum plate on the top panel with smooth looking graphics to set it apart from the standard Xotic offerings. Learn More


  16. Xotic BB Preamp

    The BB Preamp offers a wide variety of guitar tones. It's capable of +30dB of clean boost thanks to the pre-gain stage which can take the BB Pre from transparent sparkling boost to creamy overdrive. Learn More

  17. Xotic BB Plus Overdrive / Boost Pedal

    The new Xotic BB Plus is the ultimate in overdrive and boost! BB Preamp on one side booster on the other, this pedal could be the last OD you ever buy. The BB + puts the AC Plus to shame! Check out the Xotic BB Plus today! Learn More

  18. Xotic Bass RC Booster Overdrive Pedal

    Xotic Effects Bass RC Booster: THE Boost / Overdrive Pedal for bass players! Totally transparent clean boost with True Bypass switching and 2 band EQ. Fatten up your bass tone and add some grit with the Xotic Effects Bass RC Booster. Learn More

  19. Xotic Bass BB Preamp

    The Xotic Effects Bass BB Preamp Boost / Distortion Pedal offers bass players everything from ultra-clean boost to raging overdrive, all with True Bypass switching and 2-band EQ. Check out the Xotic Effect Bass BB Preamp Overdrive Pedal! Learn More

  20. Xotic Bass BB Preamp

    Xotic Bass BB Preamp Learn More

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